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VR Technologies
AR/VR Technologies Fuel The Future Workplace

Market leaders deliver what I call Right-time Experiences that provide the right information, at the right moment, to their employees and customers. These experiences work across a wide range of devices and adapt to these devices. We’ve seen the first wave of this as companies mobile-enable workflows. Last year, most organizations I spoke with considered […]

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VR Education
7 Reasons Why Education Will Never Be the Same Again with VR and AR

Classical education is dead. No more universities with boring books and exhausting cramming. Pupils and students find new ways to learn. Just look at millennials who prefer DIY education because it’s cheaper and more effective. Why bother going to the university if there are Coursera and Udemy? Look more attentively: modern kids learn how to […]

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AR Gaming
The Untapped Potential of Augmented Reality in Gaming

Game industry is permanently expanding it’s reach. You just can’t ignore it’s presence, even if you don’t play the games: in-game concerts and fashion collaborations, brand integrations and world tournaments. Shampoo bottles with your son’s favorite MOBA characters, merchandise and even books about the game you’ve never heard of – potentially, sold almost 5m copies. […]

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AR App
How to Design VR/AR Apps to Hook Customers

You just can’t overemphasize the importance of UX/UI design in VR/AR. Virtual and augmented reality is complex and puzzling, and if some developer tells you that’s easy to build an app, don’t believe it. Developing VR/AR apps is like unloading a truck full of sand under the water when it’s minus 40 outside without any […]

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MR Holograms
MR Holograms Already Change the World: Become a Part of New Reality

Holoportation is a new 3D real-time technology created by Microsoft. Online communication has passed several stages in last decades. With high-speed Internet, we can make video calls or watch online TV even on smartphones. But HoloLens will bring communication to the entirely new level.Holoportation has a huge potential. Imagine sitting together and chatting with friends, […]

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