We’ve researched and developed solutions for every XR platform available, bringing technologies to various industries in form of sales apps, marketing activations, operational assistance tools and employees education instruments.

AR Solutions

Custom mobile app is your own platform for unique AR content as well as a new communication channel. App is best suited for long running projects and campaigns that can further expand.

Social Media AR popular and highly demanded instagram and facebook masks. More and more content features emerge, as users are the main content developer.

Web AR solutions is one of the most hype ways to play AR content these days. It allows you to see the experience directly through the browser on a phone which removes the entry barrier of application installations.

Projected AR is an outstanding solution to bring content alive in an offline world - using surfaces of buildings and interiors as a canvas. Laser beam projection makes this technology a precise mapping tool for pinpoint content placement.

Big Screen AR Dressing rooms, teleports, games and anything else inside The Big Screen - thanks to a simple tracking camera. Turn it into an engagement station that not only promotes something but transforms customers in the characters of a story.

VR Solutions

360 activations place yourself inside 360 videos and photos to fully experience places in all details - will it be as an excursion, a quest or a board meeting?

Custom VR simulations is a big step in standalone solutions that solves specific problems, such as extreme environments trainings. Best suited to create breathtaking experiences and multiplayer tasks. Scale and upgrade your solutions as your needs change - “custom” means we’re always around to make your simulation even better.

Mixed Reality - is where the Big Game starts. If you’re looking for something groundbreaking that will totally obliterate any sense of what’s real - you need a Mixed Reality Solution. That includes HoloLens & MAgicLeap solutions, as well as training simulators with additional immersive hardware.

Our mission is to empower business and enable new interaction and engagement using augmented and virtual reality.

WeAR Studio is a custom AR/VR development studio specialized in consulting and ideation in XR for businesses.