We create
the most living
digital experience

Our mission is to nourish XR culture
by enhancing businesses with latest
technological solutions.

Daria Fedko
CEO at WeAR Studio

Meet our team

Daria Fedko
Founder & CEO

Passionate XR believer, experienced in building meaningful AR/VR solutions for businesses.

Yevhenii Fedko

Favourite quote: “I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems” – Pulp Fiction, 1994

Kostyantyn Tymoschuk
Head of Marketing

Consulting businesses on how to purposefully use immersive technologies.

Yaroslav Mukha
Marketing Manager

Turning the weird mess inside my head into products and services.

Sviatoslav Kryvoruchko
Project Manager

It’s a matter of time, money, and teamwork to solve any task. The answer for those 3 to succeed – a perfect PM.

Yurii Dokiichuk
Project Manager

XR expert with strong expertise in project management and team leading.

Vladyslav Chernykh
Business Development Manager

Enthusiastic explorer of Immersive Tech with a goal to enhance businesses with the acquired knowledge.

Purposeful XR Solutions

AR and VR are sledgehammers that break boundaries between realities and open new horizons for business, entertainment and heavy industry. We value Passion, Trust, and Courage.

Human experiences

Everything is content, and we open new dimensions and platforms for its presentation and effective consumption. From fun summer Instagram campaigns to immersive storytelling simulations.

Business processes

Communication has to be simple and available everywhere, anytime. We present solutions that enable engagement, bringing more visual and spacial understanding into communications with customers, employees and partners.

Technology assets

Instruments for precise tasks and education for any environment. Add new AR and VR tools to your team’s everyday toolbox – to make learning and working experience safer and faster.

Solutions in action