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VR corporate Training
9 Real Examples of Virtual Reality Corporate Training

Virtual Reality (VR) Corporate Training: Real Examples Introduction Definition of virtual reality corporate training; Brief overview of the benefits of using VR in corporate training Virtual reality (VR) technology has been rapidly advancing over the last few years and has become a popular tool in various industries for training purposes. The use of VR in […]

7 min read
Virtual Reality Automotive Training: A Cost-Effective Solution

VR training can simulate the experience of driving a car or to design, develop, and test vehicles. This allows engineers, designers, and marketers to experience a car’s features and capabilities in a simulated environment, helping to improve the overall quality and safety of vehicles.
But there’s more than that! Read to find out.

9 min read
Augmented Reality Technologies in Healthcare Industry

AR in healthcare captured many areas from research to the development of new products and services. Who would have thought before that the surgeon will be able to review the patient’s state during the procedure wearing the AR glasses? The innovations in the augmented reality healthcare industry aren’t stopping there, and the future promises to […]

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AR App
How to Make an AR App for Your Business – 2023 Guide

If you’re looking to give your business a competitive edge, it’s time to consider adding an Augmented Reality application to your product or service. AR apps allow brands to strengthen their customer’s experience by creating realistic digital encounters they can’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re a small company just starting out or an established brand […]

18 min read
ar in food and beverage industry
How AR Can Be Implemented in Food and Beverage Industry

Augmented reality food industry is something that we could have hardly believed existed before. Food is what we want to taste, smell and feel, AR can only make us closer to the restaurant overseas that cooks delicious paella or street food shop that sells warm and fresh cinnamon rolls. Companies are thinking of innovative ways […]

5 min read
Construction VR
Exploring the Future of Virtual Reality in the Construction Industry

Introduction to virtual reality in construction Virtual reality, or VR, refers to computer-generated simulations of three-dimensional environments that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way. It is often experienced through the use of a headset and hand controllers, which allow the user to look around and interact with the virtual environment […]

8 min read
Top 10 Free Games for Oculus Quest and Quest 2

Ever since it’s been founded and after being acquired by Facebook, Oculus has managed to wow virtual reality fans with its impressive VR technology and headsets. This is why every virtual reality enthusiast is probably interested in finding the best games for Oculus Quest and Quest 2.  For about $299, a VR gamer can get the […]

12 min read
8 Uses of VR and AR in Food and Beverage Industry

Not a very long time ago, virtual reality and augmented reality seemed like inaccessible technologies. But these two technologies are becoming more available every single time due to the successful app and headset development that allowed users to explore their benefits.  In addition to becoming a fantastic part of customers’ lives, AR and VR are […]

7 min read
augmented reality in entertainment industry
Augmented Reality in Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has been rocked to its core with the emergence of new technologies such as Augmented Reality. This revolutionary technology is quickly becoming one of the most influential and sought-after advancements in entertainment and has sparked a new wave of innovation.  Augmented Reality in entertainment is changing the industry’s landscape by transforming how […]

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AR Gaming
The Next Level of Gaming with Augmented Reality (AR)

The gaming industry is continually developing, with new technologies introduced every year, such as AR in gaming. You cannot simply ignore the presence of gamification, which is applied to e-learning curriculums. But what about the actual games on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices? There are countless applications of AR technologies in the gaming industry, ranging […]

17 min read
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