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AR in retail
The Ultimate Guide to Augmented Reality (AR) in Retail

Today augmented reality in retail represents both innovation and challenge that’s changing the online shopping experience. State-of-the-art trends present themselves every second, creating new opportunities and learning experiences for retail industry specialists.  Thanks to AR in retail new experiences like the try-before-you-buy are made possible. Consumers can experience a product or service and see how […]

19 min read
Augmented Reality for Fashion Industry: What’s New?

Since its invention in 1957, augmented reality has increased the interaction between providers and consumers for a richer user experience in all industries and niches. And with the widespread use of smartphones, this technology has become more accessible. The number of mobile users of augmented reality applications is expected to reach 2.4 billion users in […]

7 min read
AR Clothing App
8 AR Clothing Apps is the Trigger that Will Make Your Customers Click ‘BUY’

Today, physical and online clothes shops face the same problem: people come, look at clothes they offer and… just leave. Window shopping is still one of the most ancient methods to deal with stress, and retailers are not happy about it at all. What is worse, window shopping is trendy among online customers as looking […]

9 min read
Virtual Showroom
The Guide To The Virtual Showroom

Buying products offline and buying them online are two completely different experiences. In the first case, you usually act emotionally and impulsively but you can “feel” the product. The second case tends to be careful and deliberate in the decision-making process but you cannot try the product yourself. Is there a way to combine the […]

5 min read
AR For Toys
10 AR Apps that Make Parents Buy Immediately: AR Magic in Action

Why is the augmented reality for marketing is such a good idea? I’ve looked through the best AR marketing campaigns for kids and came to the conclusion that neither parents nor kids can resist AR. The thing is augmented reality apps stimulate creativity by offering a child to color their favorite characters and bring them to life […]

9 min read
VR Store
How Much Does it Cost to Open a VR Store? (And Why Do You Need it Anyway?)

Let’s admit it, we live in the age of consumerism. Subconsciously and consciously we read each other looking at the logos on clothes and gadgets. But one thing has changed: we are not WHAT we buy anymore, we are HOW we buy. Those who know how to buy the most exclusive stuff with the most […]

8 min read
VR Retail
V-Commerce: Revolution That Started with AR in Retail

We are on the edge of the revolution that will merge the real and digital worlds, and this revolution starts with the world of commerce. Strange as it may seem. However, why “strange as it may seem?” Columbus and Magellan crossed the oceans and discovered new continents looking for new trade routes. It’s different today: […]

8 min read
AR Retail
AR in Retail: and Your Fridge is Sending You Messages

In the past internet and computers tended to isolate the user from the environment. Typical internet user in our imagination is a lonely geek who’s sitting in front of the computer screen not paying attention to the surroundings. He or she is hiding in the dark with the glowing rectangular surface in front of the face. […]

10 min read
AR Packaging
Supermarket Magic: Augmented Reality Packaging

The packaging of the product is a powerful communication channel. It reaches 100% of your clients. Just think about it, it’s the first thing the client sees when he/she grabs a bottle of wine or a package of cereals in a supermarket! It’s the first thing a buyer touches when he/she gets a box with […]

8 min read
AR For Retail

It’s quite possible that you will never have to leave your beautiful apartment to buy clothes again. It’s also possible that your kids would be surprised to learn that long ago you needed to leave your cozy apartment and drive a car to a shopping mall to buy clothes and grocery. “Dad, how come there […]

9 min read