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8 questions you should ask yourself first when you think of developing AR or VR for your brand?
8 questions you should ask yourself first when you think of developing AR or VR for your brand

With the rise of eCommerce, Extended Reality (XR)  technology is becoming more widespread as well. However, because it is still a very new industry, many are unsure about how to enter the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality or how it could benefit their line of work. In this article, we at WeAR Studio […]

7 min read
Safety Training with Augmented, Virtual, or Mixed Reality

Every few years, a new technology trend takes the business world by the storm, and in the past few years, augmented reality safety and virtual reality safety training applications have shown business owners new ways to achieve goals with unmatched benefits.  As every business aims to maximize its resources while cutting costs to attain goals, […]

16 min read
VR/AR in Warehouse

Every day we see how virtual and augmented reality technologies are used in various business operations. Despite not being fully utilized to their full potential, VR and AR are changing the way business is done, from the minute a concept is thought of until a product or service is delivered to the customer.  The profound […]

12 min read
Virtual and Augmented Reality for Recruitment

Virtual and augmented reality are two of the most hyped trends in the business world. Although these two technologies are currently used in multiple business applications, there’s still room for more advancement as companies and experts are still exploring various ways where extended reality can be used to change the way current business operations are […]

14 min read
Augmented and Virtual Reality in Social Media Marketing

As of 2021, more than 91% of the companies in the US are using social media as a marketing tool to promote various products and services and reach a larger group of the target audience. This is because social media is a powerful e-commerce marketing tool as it makes products more accessible and engages customers […]

9 min read
VR and Robotics: What You Should Know

The first robot was invented around the 1950s, but it wasn’t until recently that we started to see more robotics applications in our daily lives that made us realize the potential of this technology.  Robots are currently used in numerous industries, where humans’ presence is unnecessary, unsafe, or impossible. They’re mainly designed to do tasks […]

9 min read
8 Uses of VR and AR in Food and Beverage Industry

Not a very long time ago, virtual reality and augmented reality seemed like inaccessible technologies. But these two technologies are becoming more available every single time due to the successful app and headset development that allowed users to explore their benefits.  In addition to becoming a fantastic part of customers’ lives, AR and VR are […]

7 min read
Virtual and Augmented Reality in Logistics

For years, virtual and augmented reality technologies were linked with gaming and entertainment. Today, these new technologies are becoming more accessible and are being implemented in every industry, thanks to the benefits they provide.  During the past few years, developers and engineers have managed to build different apps and tools that would help business people […]

6 min read
How to Create a VR Game: Ultimate Guide

With more than 171 million VR users worldwide, there are multiple ways this technology is changing several industries.  Virtual reality is about creating an immersive experience with a 3-dimensional environment that enhances the customer’s feeling and provides a better user experience.  In the gaming industry, virtual reality provides gamers with the ultimate kind of fun, […]

7 min read
VR/AR Startups: How to Become One of Them?

Futurists and science fiction writers dreamed about VR and AR decades ago, but today the technology is rapidly advancing and is becoming part of everyday life. With a current market value of 30.7 billion US dollars, VR and AR market value is expected to grow to 296.6 billion US dollars in 2024.  So is your […]

7 min read
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