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18 Best Web-based Augmented Reality Examples

By Oleg Boiko
10 min read
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Traditionally, AR is associated with applications that must be downloaded and installed on your device. You download the app and open the world of augmented reality experiences that brands want to show you. However, AR is not limited only to that. WebAR is another way to integrate augmented reality into your marketing strategy, and it doesn’t require developing a separate application. Let us show how widespread this augmented technology is among brands.

WebAR Examples in the Retail Industry

The retail industry has been using AR technology in the merchandise to excite customers, persuade them to choose their brands among tons of others, and make a lasting impression of their core mission and values.

Saatchi Art “View In My Room”

webar example Saatchi Art View In My Room
Source: saatchiart.com

In 2020, the art retailer Saatchi Art, in partnership with the 8th Wall and Rock Paper Reality, decided to create a new dimension of augmented reality in retail. Using the web-based AR technology, the store’s customers can see how the art pieces sold by the shop will look on the walls of their homes. The results from this activity exceeded all expectations — customers that used the “View in my room” feature were 70% more likely to proceed to the checkout.

Asda “Extra Special” Wagyu Steaks Range

One of the leading British retailers, Asda, integrated augmented reality into its line of Wagyu steaks. In 2021, it partnered with ABP Food Group to make it possible for the customers to scan the AR packaging with their phones and open the recipe in their browsers. With it, the customers know how to prepare a tasty dish when buying a steak.

WebAR In Fashion Industry

The fashion industry was one of the first to accept AR as a new way to express creativity that is so natural to fashion design.

London Fashion Week’s Future of Fashion

British company Three UK, in partnership with the virtual production studio Dimension, presented AR experiences to the visitors of the London Fashion Week. The show’s attendants sat before the empty catwalk and used 5G-powered smartphones to see the holographic image of the model Adwoa Aboah to showcase the collections.

KHAITE’s WebAR Lookbook

Fashion brand KHAITE enhanced the lookbook with its Spring-Summer 2021 collection. As a result, the brand fans could scan the augmented reality QR code with their smartphones and see the 3D versions of the brand’s shoe designs from different angles. The brand partnered with experienced agency Rose Digital to make the activity possible.

Examples of WebAR In the Automotive Industry

Purchasing a car is investing, so people want to know as much as possible about the model they buy. For the car companies, it means letting the customers have the best look at the models they are selling, and AR in the Automotive industry helps a lot here.

Volvo S60 Launch

In 2019, Volvo decided to integrate augmented reality elements into the launch of its S60 model. Teaming up with the studio VZ lab, the car company made it possible for customers to alternate the model before scheduling a meeting with a consultant and trying it in a test drive. In addition, users of the installment could customize car colors and the salon’s interior. This marketing activity attracted a 293% increase in traffic to volvocars.com.

Porsche Taycan 3D Model

Advertisements for the 2020 Porsche Taycan appeared on the Auto Motor Sport magazine pages with the integrated AR. The Austrian agency Innovation Works created these ads as a trigger, scanning which you can open the 3D model of the car on your phone’s browser. Users can rotate the model, look into the details, change its color and then go to the website to read more information.

WebAR Examples In Entertainment Industry

When it comes to entertainment, people expect the marketing for movies, TV shows, and music festivals to be as exciting and engaging as the product itself. That’s where the AR comes to help.

Jumanji: The Next Level Voice-activated AR

The live-action film featuring the famous unbelievable game that brings players to another magical world came to the film theatres in 2020. To attract more attention to the premier, Sony Pictures Entertainment partnered with Amazon Web Services to create an AR platform with games, characters, and film details that fans can navigate using their phone.


The recent big sci-fi premier Dune was promoted with AR technologies as well. Development company Aircards with the help of Yahoo Creative Studios, Ready Player Me, Ringtail Studios, and 8th Wall, created an intelligent way to advertise the film. First, they made a  solution using which the users can take a selfie and get their 3D avatar which they can customize to their liking. Then, the users’ avatars will be placed in the augmented reality of Dune.

WebAR Cases In Gaming Industry

It is always amazing how much the gaming industry never fails to impress. The game developers explore new technologies and invent the best ways to make players feel immersed in the gaming world. So when AR in Gaming appeared, it was meant to stay.

LEGO City & LEGO Friends Launch

The Belgian company LEGO taught kids how to create different worlds in the comfort of their homes. They could build cities, make friends, develop workplaces for themselves and learn what will their dream work look like. For the launch of new LEGO City and LEGO Friends sets, the digital activation agency Engaged prepared six immersive worlds for the kids to play with. The agency opted for location-based AR using the in-store activation points that kids could scan with their smartphones. Then, they can explore six different 360 virtual worlds, hearing voice-overs of stories and looking at the characters.

PJ Masks AR Game

Popular children’s TV shows and games PJ Masks decided to surprise players with the augmented reality solution. The players could use the phone to place the superhero Car-cars in one of the rooms of their house or wear a face mask of the Catboy to feel what being a superhero feels like.

WebAR in Food & beverages Industry

The food and beverages industry also found fun and engaging ways to incorporate augmented reality in the marketing and merchandising of their products.

Siwas Energy Drink WebAR Marketing

In 2022, the brand Siwas decided to promote its product release in the Middle East and incorporate the augmented reality solution in the launch. The brand partnered with the WE/AR Studio to make their customers feel the energy in three AR dimensions — walk on the Moon’s surface, stroll through the London streets, and spend time in the company of the Flying Dragon. The launch was well-received among the target audience, and 20 000 people per month viewed the WebAR solution.

Kinder “Jump Into Africa”

Everybody’s favorite sweets brand wanted to treat their customers with candy and the exciting experience of traveling through Africa’s jungle. Using the in-store markers for the WebAR solution, people could place themselves in the jungles filled with 3D animals, interact with them and even read informative infographics about each.

Examples of WebAR in the Education Industry

While AR is fun and great for marketing and brand awareness, it is the most useful in the education industry. Children learn better through games; AR can transform any information or subject into a real game. However, the children aren’t the only ones who feel the benefits of using AR technology for studying.

Google Expeditions

webar example AR Google Expeditions
Source: vrscout.com

The education solution from the most significant technology company in the world isn’t new on the market. Many educational institutions use Google Expeditions not only for geography lessons but for so much more — as the website has solutions for science topics and art history. 

The best thing is that you can use it even if you are not studying at the university but still want to learn. However old it is on the technology market, recently, it started using not only VR but also AR solutions. Now, it allows learners to place subjects of interest in the classroom and play by rotating them and studying all the details.

NASA’s AR for Astronauts Training

NASA will always be ahead of other companies because it develops technology and does fantastic research about something far beyond the Earth. However, it found the AR technology extremely useful and trusted it with the education of the astronauts — a critical process responsible for human lives. So the operations lab of the company decided to develop a  solution that would help the astronauts understand what it would feel like to travel to other planets.

WebAR in Healthcare Industry

Medicine and the healthcare sector is the most important one you can think of. Education in healthcare and the ability to conduct better research and assess people’s conditions and feelings are what can save lives. AR in healthcare is what helps with that extremely.

Dorothy Memory Solution

Dorothy is a solution developed by the Backup Reality agency that does a tremendous job for people with memory dysfunctions. Dorothy remembers the essential things like water and medicine intake and reminds the users to take it on time. It can also help them navigate the house and spot the right places to go using the AR.


Developed by Lucien Engelen of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, the AED4EU is the solution for people whose medical conditions require defibrillators. Using the virtual Layar browser on their phones, people can scan through the area and find the nearest location where they can find a defibrillator.

Examples of WebAR In the Software Industry

Even the software industry is using solutions in marketing, proving how popular they have become in the modern world.

Dell Technologies Immersive Portal

The tech company Dell technologies combined two solutions to create for its customers a portal that takes them to another world. WebAR and 360-degree videos allow customers that come to the immersive AR room to travel through locations and planets and wonder at the magic technology can create.

Atlassian WebAR Portal

For its 2020 event, Atlassian partnered with WE/AR Studio to surprise attendees with AR solutions, with WebAR being chosen for the offline event. The visitors could come through the animated doors in the augmented reality section and see 360-videos activated with only a browser. The portal received more than 4000 activations.


AR is getting more and more recognition across every industry. The results that brands are getting after integrating augmented reality technology into their marketing or merchandising strategies are so incredible that it is undoubtedly here to stay. WebAR solutions are even more comfortable to try because they don’t require developing a separate application.


If you are considering integrating WebAR into your brand awareness strategy or if WebAR is the right solution for your business, you can contact the We/AR Studio experts by filling out the form on the website or writing a note at hello@wear-studio.com. We will give you a consultation tailored to your needs and develop the next steps together.