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Siwas Energy Drink WebAR Experience

Interactive WebAR experiences for the marketing activation campaign
Project Budget
What’s SIWAS AR App?

For this AR case, we’ve developed customized AR visual experiences for Siwas Energy Drink. Its main goal was to promote the product release in the Middle East and increase unit sales.

By choosing one of three immersive AR experiences, visitors can place a portal with a Siwas Energy Drink on the moon or the London area, accompanied by the distinctive flying dragon experience.

Siwas Energy Drink WebAR Experience
Client’s Wants & Needs
Stand out from competitors

Siwas wanted to stand out from its competitors, and rightfully so. They requested three distinctive markerless AR experiences for WebAR their customers would enjoy exploring. You can land on the Moon’s surface, happen to be on the London streets right next to Big Ben, or take a look at a Flying Dragon, all in one place.

Increase brand awareness through accessible means

Siwas needed to increase its brand awareness in the Middle East. So, they decided to launch the Web-based Augmented Reality project for their marketing activation. Not to mention that the project can be explored from any mobile device.

Create unique and immersive AR experiences

London, Moon, and Flying Dragon AR adventures are all different but special ways to showcase Siwas Energy Drink to its customers.

WebAR usage

A customized WebAR solution was requested by Siwas to be enjoyed from mobile devices at relative ease. We delivered three visual experiences in WebAR to capitalize Siwas Energy Drink above anything else.

How We Did It
Identifying Client’s Needs

First of all, we took just enough time to make sure that we fully understood what Siwas wanted to deliver for their marketing activation. We identified that this project requires unique, catchy, and engaging WebAR experiences during the design discussions. At the early stages of development, we also provided a client with mockups to provide a clear picture of how the project would be implemented. 

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siwas case

Development of Portal experiences

To achieve our customer’s goals and intentions, we created two distinctive Portal experiences, one on the Moon’s surface and another one on the London streets. The development process aimed to design the portal as a part of augmented reality in the user’s real-world environment.

Development of Flying Dragon experience

For a Flying Dragon experience, we used the 3D dragon object to design the predefined AR trajectory. After the dragon finishes circling, it finally sits on the can of Siwas Energy Drink. We ended up creating quite a show that has satisfied both Siwas and their customers.



Since this project required three different WebAR experiences to be developed, we carried out thorough tests on each development stage. After the launch, we closely monitored and maintained the project’s functionality to ensure that Siwas got proper tracking and analytics data.

Challenges We Overcame

Identifying the client’s precise requirements and technical specifications to meet Siwas’ needs


Developing three separate AR experiences that are both engaging and immersive


 Maximizing the technical capabilities of WebAR so that the client gets the best result possible


Unlocking the full potential of WebAR’s particle system for appealing visual effects in the Flying Dragon experience.

Project Results

Siwas Energy Drink WebAR experience was launched in 2022. Each WebAR experience delivers a unique taste and emphasizes Siwas Energy Drink’s value proposition.

Since the WebAR project’s central aim was marketing activation in the Middle East, it delivered exceptionally.

Not only do AR experiences engage customers, so they spend more time interacting with the brand, but they also help them to connect with Siwas Energy Drink’s brand emotionally.

Just take a look at the project statistics:

MoM views


Siwas Energy Drink WebAR project has proven that modern companies that invest in innovative AR solutions get the desired results, especially when it comes to marketing activation campaigns.

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