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Bud AR App

Increasing brand awareness
with AR
What’s Bud AR App?

It is AR activation on Bud labels of bottles and T-shirts. Its main goal was to boost brand exposure on social media before the Tomorrowland festival. Users could activate the label with their cameras, take a photo or video and share on their socials to win two tickets for the festival.

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Client's Wants & Needs
Boost Brand Exposure over Social Media

Being one of the main sponsors of Tomorrowland, Bud wanted to draw attention to its activities over social media and also uniquely increase their brand exposure by holding a contest for the most creative selfie.

Make Tomorrowland Festival Unforgettable

Bud aimed to do this before the Tomorrowland festival to create the best atmosphere and feeling for everyone who would love to attend.

Implement AR into Social Media Contest

Bud reached out to us, and we brought our team together to solve its awareness problem by implementing AR technology in Bud’s social media contest for the most creative selfie across Ukraine.

How We Did It
Client's Needs

At first, we examined Bud’s needs to clearly understand their goals. From the very beginning, we knew that creativity would be needed as the main drive to achieving their key goal — the Bud AR app needs to be perfectly unique, engaging, and attractive to the people of Tomorrowland.

Coming Up with an Effective Solution

Aside from creating a perfect atmosphere for the people of Tomorrowland, Bud needed to let them know that they’re on hand with advanced technologies.


Together with Bud we decided to use AR activation on Budweiser labels. The solution was simple yet brilliant every label on bottles and T-shirts would feature an AR 3D model with 2019 Tomorrowland’s theme sound and style. This AR display would pop up each time you focus the Bud App’s camera on the label.

The Bud Brand Awareness Message and Rewards

The social media contest for the most creative selfie had a simple brand awareness message that says, “Activate the label, experience AR, snap an awesome video, and share it on socials to win two tickets”.


This plain note initiated many branded hashtags, videos, stories, and Instagram posts exclusive to the 2019 Tomorrowland festival and resulted in a massive increase in fame and engagement of the brand.


Before releasing the Bud AR App, we carried out lots of tests to ensure perfect functionality and performance. We also made sure it had every element and design we wanted.

Challenges We Overcame

Creating an attractive and engaging AR app that will set the most desirable mood and atmosphere for the people of Tomorrowland.

Developing an AR app that expresses the Tomorrowland theme, style, and sound. We needed to put a lot of innovation and creativity into it.

Making the AR app so engaging and exciting so that the visitors of Tomorrowland would love to spend more time at the festival and find different ways to create funny videos and selfies.

Project Results

By implementing our AR solutions, we exceeded Budweiser’s expectations and solved their awareness problems. The Bud brand’s social media fan base increased by engaging popular social media influencers on Instagram and Youtube there were millions of views and likes on social media platforms. Budweiser got the most from this social media trend, and it remains one of the first beverage brands to adopt AR experience so successfully.

Budweiser took its place as a sponsor, influential initiator, and trendsetter of this noble event. They also sponsored the trip of lucky winners and social media influencers.

That is what WeAR Studio does we empower businesses and enable new interaction and engagement using augmented and virtual reality. 


The social media campaign generated a vast response on social media in Ukraine, with over 450,000 engagements during the first week.

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