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Want to add AR/VR to your business strategy but can’t come up with a great idea? We’ve got your back. We’ll help you find an innovative idea that will drive your vision and beat your objectives
What’s an Ideation Process?

Ideation is a process of generating concepts for a future product or simply turning an abstract idea into a ready-to-sell pitch. WeAR Studio will help you decide how, when, and even if your AR/VR solution should evolve.

Why Ideation is 

Determine the right problem to solve

Select viable ideas with real business value

Predict potential risks and challenges

Define your business strategy with ease

How We Conduct 
an Ideation Process
01. Client Brief

The initial step is to brief the client, study his needs and his customers’ pain points, and find how to troubleshoot them with the help of an AR/VR solution.

02. Creative Research

Next goes the researching stage. We conduct multiple researchers (market, competitors, etc.), collect data, and prepare the presentation to showcase the results.

03. Presentation

Once the presentation is ready, we provide our client with the findings and discuss them.

04. Final Stage

The last stage of the ideation process is to choose the one optimal idea that suits the client best.

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