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What are Pepsi AR Filters?

They are customized AR filters created using SparkAR for Pepsi’s Summergram marketing campaign on Instagram.

Their main aim was to catch the attention of youth and increase sales during summertime. The filters were unlocked through QR codes on the labels of millions of Pepsi bottles.

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Client's Wants & Needs
Create Customized AR Filters

In preparation for the 2019 Summergram marketing campaign, Pepsi decided to collaborate with Think Motive Agency to introduce customized AR filters to help consumers upgrade their social media fun throughout the summer.

Reach the Goals of Pepsi’s Campaign

Together with Pepsi, our team and creative agency cooperated to develop exciting and engaging AR filters to achieve the goals of the Summergram Campaign.

Capture the Attention of the Youth

Pepsi’s 2019 Summergram Marketing campaign aimed to get the attention of young consumers, keep them engaged, and drive up the sales of their soda drinks all through summer.

Make Sure Customers Enjoy the Campaign

Our client also wanted to make sure all their customers enjoyed the best summer experiences of their lives.

Implement AR into Pepsi’s Marketing

Pepsi already planned to implement AR as a marketing tool, and they also knew they needed to work with experts to achieve expected results.

Make AR Filters Scannable via QR Code

The Summer-themed custom AR filters were unlocked via QR codes available on the labels of over 200 million bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi Zero Sugar.

How We Did It
Client's Needs

Since Pepsi’s requirements were relatively straightforward, we started working on several concepts and creative designs we needed to infuse into these Instagram AR filters. The AR filters need to be very attractive and exciting to young consumers.

Coming Up With Amazing AR Filters

Even though this project was unique in its way, our team already figured out the best AR software to use. We decided to use a powerful AR software called SparkAR.


This software is the best for large-scale marketing campaigns that involve using Instagram filters as a marketing tool. It also supports the development of AR filters only in the closed beta-test app. This way, customers can easily apply these filters to their Instagram stories and also share them.


To ensure the full functionality and performance of these custom-made AR filters, we carried out tests. We created a perfect balance and AR filters that clearly express the summer mood and theme.

Challenges We Overcame

Creating fun and engaging AR filters that will encourage consumers to consistently apply them to their Instagram stories, videos, and posts

Developing custom-made AR filters that best express the summer experience, theme, and style

Creating AR filters that can engage young consumers and boost the sales of Pepsi soda drinks

Make sure our AR filters are in perfect working conditions, so there won’t be any user complaints

Project Results

Since the rise of the commercialization of custom-made AR filters on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, companies like Pepsi have gotten the most from this opportunity.

The AR filters (lenses) on Instagram were not the only focus of the #Summergram activation; it was a campaign full of many offline and online activities by consumers and influencers. It was also propelled by so many events in the United States.

This Pepsi’s marketing campaign with hundred AR filters for Instagram was initiated by launch events in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Furthermore, the AR filters and summer activities were showcased across 25 TV commercials and thousands of custom out-of-home (OOH) billboards

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