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What’s FairTrade AR App?

It is a combo of B2B AR app that tells stories about the members of the FairTrade community and packages activations for the FairTrade products.

Its main aim is to show the benefits of joining the FairTrade network and remind people about the global issues such as poverty, slavery, or saving of the endangared species.

Within an app you can watch interactive stories about the FairTrade members, scan FairTrade chocolates, and see which animals are in danger of extinction.

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Client's Wants & Needs
Develop B2B AR App

FairTrade needed a B2B AR app that could tell consumers stories about the farmers, workers, and producers behind the product they purchase.

Show the Benefits of Joining the Network

They wanted the sales application to perform two tasks. To start with, we were to show prospective merchants the benefit of joining the network.

Share Stories about the Products with Clients

We also needed to help the organization share touching stories about its products with customers around the world. This was very important as FairTrade always wants to show that products are made ethically.

Achieve All the Goals with AR

Our team was to achieve all these goals with the aid of AR technology.

How We Did It
Client's Needs

After FairTrade reached out to us, we brought the team together. Our first line of action was to get a full understanding of the organization’s needs.


We were impressed with what FairTrade was doing with workers and farmers in developing countries. So, we set out to develop one effective solution to two pressing issues.

360 Video Stories

This was how we pulled new producers into the network, and we did it with a markerless augmented reality experience.


We knew FairTrade needed something highly engaging, so we designed different doors that serve as portals into facilities owned by the organization’s partners. We then show users 360 videos in which the farmers and workers narrate stories about their work and lives with love and passion.

Engaging Packaging Activations

The next step was to get across to the consumers of FairTrade products. For this, we decided to show the values held by the producers of these products through interesting and engaging packaging activations.


All consumers have to do is to scan the products and they will see how the brand is changing lives. A good example of this is Tony’s Chocolonely. Anyone who scans the product will quickly see that the brand is against slavery.

An Interactive Map

Another goal that we were able to achieve with the FairTrade AR app was to develop an interactive map of its retail network in the US. This makes it much easier for consumers to locate FairTrade products in the country.


Marker-Based and Markerless Technologies

We put all of these features together using Vuforia marker recognition SDK, ARKit, and ARCore technologies. This allows the app to provide a combination of marker-based and markerless experiences.


Challenges We Overcame

Defining the goal of FairTrade and its partners

Creating one solution to solve two completely different tasks

Integrating Vuforia SDK, ARKit, and ARCore technologies

Project Results

Having successfully completed this project, the WeAR team has again shown that there is no limit to what businesses and organizations can achieve with AR technology. The FairTrade AR app is an engaging app that tells brand stories, helps fight against slavery, poverty, species extinction, and other global issues, and also brings in new partners.

With immersive videos, we have been able to take users into the world of the real people that create our everyday products

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