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Augmented Reality In Automotive

By Veronika Petrenko
7 min read

AR/VR solutions are must-dos in the automobile industry today. The question is NOT “Should we implement AR/VR in the operations?” but “How soon do we need to implement AR/VR solutions to remain onboard?” AR/VR/MR apps speed up processes, reduce costs and decrease the risk for human lives. Today it’s impossible to imagine car design, manufacture, and testing with advanced technological solutions, such as AR/VR/MR

Here are some bright examples of augmented reality uses in automotive:


BMW by using virtual reality solutions. Engineers and designers of the company utilize VR to preview the look of the car assembled with different components.


Porsche uses augmented reality to improve the quality of support services. It connects mechanics in different locations so they can solve the hardest problems together.


Ford designers use virtual reality to improve the user experience. They experience driving from the perspective of shorter and taller drivers to create maximum comfort for future clients.

Car view in augmented reality

At WeAR studio, we’re focused on the search of unique AR solutions for businesses. Because we know that there is more AR/VR potential: car dealerships and automobile repair shops can also benefit from AR solutions. Want to know how? In this article, I will finally shed light on this topic.

AR Solutions for Car Dealerships

And I am pretty sure some of the cases will blow your mind. Let’s start with AR utilization for car salons.

A client in a dealership is seen as a victim rather than a winner. As he/she is equipped with the printed catalog in a war against a car dealer. Any customer, even the most self-confident, feels emotional pressure and is unable to make clear decisions.

So progressive showrooms offer their clients digital alternatives: an unlimited choice of cars in virtual showrooms, the possibility of car customization in augmented reality, and the chance to repair a car in AR! Virtual car dealerships are the future of automotive. The discomfort of buying a car in a dealership can only be compared to the discomfort of traveling with kids over the Atlantic. So car dealers can easily enhance customers’ experience with the help of AR and VR applications.

Old school car dealership

It’s crucial for the companies working with millennials  (and who doesn’t work with millennials right now? They are the biggest financially reliable target audience right now). Working with millennials is hard. Do you know that these people between 25 and 35 avoid speaking to sales managers, car dealers and real estate agents at any price? So why cause additional stress to your customers?

That’s one of the most common AR/VR uses in the automotive industry today – opening virtual reality car dealerships.

Tesla, the company that is famous with their epatage, offered their clients to choose car from a virtual car showroom. It’s a 3D modeled futuristic environment in which a client can choose among various car models, configurations, and trim lines.


Cadillac one of the most respectful players on the automotive market, welcomes its clients to the virtual car dealership on the roof of the skyscraper. With HTC Vive, of course, and a full choice of models. Visiting the car showroom of such a solid company as Cadillac in VR is mind-shattering for clients.

Dresden Cadillac showroom has a separate virtual reality section which gives customers premium VR experience. to immerse in the HD resolution and representation of various models.


KIA decided to join the company of technological brands and invited their clients to the VR showroom to try the advanced level of the customization. KIA dedicated the release of this VR application to the launch of the new car model- KIA Niro. The company intended to target 20K UK users, yet the result of this virtual reality marketing campaign exceeded the expectations with 82K of engagements on the website and 23K conversions. It looks like a great example of guerilla marketing – maximum results with humble investments. 


Hyundai rolled out an augmented reality application for Australian car dealership to improve customers’ engagement inside. So what do customers get?

Using this augmented reality application, a future car owner can experiment with wheels, colors, textures in the future car superimposing them over real cars. No need to stuff a dealership with all the available cars, if you have a virtual dealership with the unlimited number of cars in it.


Bentley decided that premium cars deserve premium presentation and showed the car in projected AR. As a result, users saw how a static car model starts moving in a flashing light. It’s much easier to imagine the emotions the car can give with such a juicy and sophisticated presentation.

Augmented Reality for Car Repair

Repairing cars with AR is much more cost effective and it decreases the number of errors significantly. Augmented reality is an intelligent and intuitive technology which delivers all the necessary information for car repair directly in users’ field of view.

AR speeds up the process of repair and decreases the time of maintenance operation because AR helps to identify problems faster and avoid typical errors.

Genesis, the car company of premium cars, created a virtual guide in AR that displays the components of your car’s engine and labels them in real time. Drivers can see animated maintenance instructions in augmented reality and take a more effective decision. This app is perfect for learning of how to deal with some minor problems in your car, such as changing oil.

Augmented Reality for Aerography and Car Customization

Have you seen “Pimp my Ride?” Imagine if clients could visualize all the remodeling and customization before they sacrificed their cars. You want to see this crazy dragon aerography on your favorite Mustang? No problem. Want to customize your vintage car? 


No problem!


It’s easier than you think with AR solutions! Car owners can see the aerography on their favorite cars and preview all the technological changes in advance. Instead of sweet talks and ambitious promises

It’s possible to customize a 3D model of a car and place it near a real vehicle. Imagine the effect it will produce on the viewer: a 3D model of a customized car in a full size placed near the real car in a repair shop. It’s like the photo with the effects of  dieting: you can’t keep watching it!

With such a powerful visualization a happy client will understand the reason for the investments with his/her own eyes.

Toyota CH-R in 3D

And they say that seeing is truly believing.

For projected AR, all you need is a projector and special device that will overlay the aerography over any car model in the live regime.

No need to prove that the automotive industry needs AR as much as a newlywed couple needs some personal space. Most car producers have already added AR/VR solutions to the manufacture, design, and QA processes and operations.

Now it’s a prime time for automobile dealerships and car repair shops to use this advanced technology! They can benefit from the visualization and the “try before you buy” option augmented reality can give to potential customers. Instead of speaking about car transformations, show your client the transformed car.