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AR Clothing App
8 AR Clothing Apps is the Trigger that Will Make Your Customers Click ‘BUY’

Today, physical and online clothes shops face the same problem: people come, look at clothes they offer and… just leave. Window shopping is still one of the most ancient methods to deal with stress, and retailers are not happy about it at all. What is worse, window shopping is trendy among online customers as looking […]

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AR in Automotive
Augmented Reality In Automotive

AR/VR solutions are must-dos in the automobile industry today. The question is NOT “Should we implement AR/VR in the operations?” but “How soon do we need to implement AR/VR solutions to remain onboard?” AR/VR/MR apps speed up processes, reduce costs and decrease the risk for human lives. Today it’s impossible to imagine car design, manufacture, and […]

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VR technology

The world of AR/VR/MR technologies is evolving with the speed of light. Do you remember how Nikola Tesla made a revolution with his idea of the alternating current? Until that moment the world was sure that the direct current was the only available option. But AC turned out to be faster, more durable and much […]

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Virtual Showroom
The Guide To The Virtual Showroom

Buying products offline and buying them online are two completely different experiences. In the first case, you usually act emotionally and impulsively but you can “feel” the product. The second case tends to be careful and deliberate in the decision-making process but you cannot try the product yourself. Is there a way to combine the […]

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AR For Toys
10 AR Apps that Make Parents Buy Immediately: AR Magic in Action

Why is the augmented reality for marketing is such a good idea? I’ve looked through the best AR marketing campaigns for kids and came to the conclusion that neither parents nor kids can resist AR. The thing is augmented reality apps stimulate creativity by offering a child to color their favorite characters and bring them to life […]

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The Best HMD: The Battle for Your Head Has Started

 It’s not a secret that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are fighting for you. They want you to throw away your beloved smartphone and replace it with some ultra stylish high-end HMD. Tech giants invest billions in VR/AR/MR development, acquire small startups, and experiment with new forms and materials. That is why new HMDs hit […]

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VR Store
How Much Does it Cost to Open a VR Store? (And Why Do You Need it Anyway?)

Let’s admit it, we live in the age of consumerism. Subconsciously and consciously we read each other looking at the logos on clothes and gadgets. But one thing has changed: we are not WHAT we buy anymore, we are HOW we buy. Those who know how to buy the most exclusive stuff with the most […]

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AR Real Estate
How Does VR/MR/AR Change Real Estate?

Buyer’s journey in real estate takes 11-27 months. To buy or even to lease an apartment, a prospective client has to spend weeks researching, reading, talking to realtors, friends, and visiting places. Doubting, making decisions, considering (tearing documents and swearing). Because it is a Big Decision for each client. For real estate developers and agenñies, long buyer’s journey […]

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VR Logistics
MR, VR, and AR in Manufacturing and Logistics: an Ultimate Way to Increase Productivity

If you love sci-fi movies and watch them from time to time, you must have noticed that it is impossible to visualize the world of the future without  AR, VR, and MR. These technologies fit into the world of the future as naturally as flying cars, androids, and teleportation. Yes, I am talking about superhero […]

10 min read
AR Could’ve Saved Online Shopping During COVID-19 Outbreak

When the whole e-commerce suffers from the system shock, it is time for retailers to utilize and leverage all their forces to stimulate and sustain consumer demand. That also includes research of new technologies, such as Augmented Reality Two months into pandemic, and we’ve already agreed life won’t be the same anymore. We do hope […]

8 min read
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