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cybersecurity of metaverse
Legal & Cybersecurity Aspects of Metaverse. What to Bear in Mind Before Launching the Metaverse? 

In this article, we will think thoroughly together with you about the main regulations that go around Metaverse and its legal environment, as well as its core cybersecurity issues that may be of a concern.  The Metaverse, also known as a virtual world or a 3D internet, is a simulated environment that can be accessed […]

15 min read
ar vr automotive
What Is the Difference Between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

An ever-expanding technology landscape has given rise to the potential of revolutionary experiences through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Both are exciting opportunities that enhance the user’s view of the world, but there are key differences between them. Let’s examine the AR vs VR debate and discover what sets these two groundbreaking technologies apart. What […]

16 min read
vr in manufacturing
The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality (VR) in Manufacturing Industry

Developing virtual reality for the manufacturing industry is a recent stage of implementing VR into our life. Even though virtual reality only started to be part of the manufacturing business, it is meant to stay. According to the PWC, more than 1 in 3 manufacturers in the US are using or plan to use virtual […]

8 min read
VR Retail
V-Commerce: Revolution That Started with AR/VR in Retail

With E-commerce being up-and-running for years, it has led to an emerging concept that has been gaining traction in the commercial space for quite some time – V-commerce.   The concept of V-commerce has become increasingly relevant in the modern digital landscape. It has several distinct meanings, including E-commerce in Virtual Reality (VR) and Voice-commerce (V-commerce […]

11 min read
ar in manufactгring
The Ultimate Guide to Augmented Reality (AR) in Manufacturing Industry

If you love sci-fi movies and watch them from time to time, you must have noticed that it is impossible to visualize the world of the future without  AR, VR, and MR. These technologies fit into the world of the future as naturally as flying cars, androids, and teleportation. Yes, I am talking about superhero […]

10 min read
VR in Military
Virtual Reality in Military and Defence Industry: Uses with Examples

VR in the military is the showcase how far the virtual reality technology progressed to become the serious part of every industry. Virtual reality training made it possible for the professionals of the defence industry to upskill and go through the risky situations in virtual reality, which are otherwise either too dangerous or too expensive […]

8 min read
vr in healthcare
How Virtual Reality (VR) in Healthcare Is Changing Medicine

Virtual reality is changing every industry for the better, but VR in healthcare is also transforming people’s lives and improving their health. Watching surgery in virtual reality, helping patients recover better with physical therapy, and assessing the patient’s health more precisely – are only some benefits medical VR has to offer.  As VR and health […]

10 min read
vr training
The Ultimate Guide to the VR Training

VR training is something that can speed up employee training across all industries. Much because physical labor and office jobs require many resources to successfully onboard new team members, Virtual Reality (VR) training provides a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to help newcomers prepare for their responsibilities. VR training also removes the need for safety concerns thanks […]

11 min read
ar vr data analysis and visualization
Immersive Analytics: Data Visualization in AR/VR

Introduction The world of data visualization is reaching a new milestone. As web browsers enable access to the client’s GPU and virtual reality devices become cheaper and untethered, mediums for data storytelling are expanding into the virtual world. Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) also known as cross-reality or mixed-reality (XR) was already on a path […]

4 min read
ar vr in workplace
Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Workplace

As big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple continue to invest in AR and VR, it’s clear that these immersive experiences are here to stay. And while there are obvious applications for gaming and entertainment, businesses are also starting to explore how they can leverage AR and VR in the workplace. From training new […]

11 min read
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