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VR/AR Startups: How to Become One of Them?

By Veronika Petrenko
7 min read
Last updated on 13.01.2022 at 19:21

Futurists and science fiction writers dreamed about VR and AR decades ago, but today the technology is rapidly advancing and is becoming part of everyday life. With a current market value of 30.7 billion US dollars, VR and AR market value is expected to grow to 296.6 billion US dollars in 2024.

So is your startup going to be part of the fun? How can you develop your idea to become a VR or AR startup? As a developer or entrepreneur, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the growing numbers of startups using AR/VR, because according to research, the number of monthly users of AR is about 93.3 million people, compared to 58.9 million people that used VR.

So how do you book a spot in this growing market? Is this technology worth your time and effort? This article we’ll you everything you need to know about VR and AR startups.

VR technology in action
VR technology in action

VR/AR Startups – A Growing Market

For startup developers, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts, VR and AR technologies seem promising but somewhat vague. These seem like the most exciting technologies that can make any startup or company achieve success, yet the technology isn’t yet fully used to its fullest potential.

In addition to being a relatively new technology, startups don’t always have the tools to help them market their business or offer these services to their clients. However, some startups are already mastering these technologies and are improving the way they’re implemented to increase revenues and boost brand image.

Are VR and AR Startups Evolving at the Same Pace?

Although VR is currently more common than AR, things are expected to change in the future. As a matter of fact, 55% of VR users were satisfied with the technology, while the number increased to 68% in the case of AR.

AR covers more areas of interest, which means that it can be used in more startups and industries. Instead of creating reality using VR, AR can be used to improve the reality we already have.

From a startup point of view, AR can be used to showcase the value a product or service adds using real-life data and parameters. As a result, users feel more connected when using this technology.

Both VR and AR technologies aren’t new today, but they’re becoming more accessible to developers as well as users. Headsets, filters, and apps are allowing more people to use them, so it only makes sense that you should be trying to build and expand an AR or VR startup.

XR in action
XR in action

Best Startups Using AR/VR in the Market Today

Some startups are already nailing it in the VR and AR markets. They’re using these technologies to offer a better user experience, engage with their customers, keep track of their business operations, and even offer employees training.

These companies are currently changing the way employees work, and business operations are run. They managed to find the best product-market fit to offer what their customers will be interested in, eventually achieving success and setting an example for others to follow.

There are endless ways through which companies can use virtual and augmented reality technologies, so let’s see the best AR and VR startups.

Surgical Theater

The first name on our VR/AR board of honor isn’t a gaming company but a startup that focuses on saving lives. Thanks to this company, doctors and surgeons are able to train and study human anatomy without actually operating on a real human.

Doctors are able to combine X-rays and CT scans in 3D models that enable them to detect problem areas. Some of the best academic hospitals are currently using this technology to decrease or even eliminate the rate of medical errors.


This AR/VR startup is focusing on changing the way training and educational content is delivered, using the latest tools and technologies to deliver the content to the biggest number of people in the best possible way.

Using augmented and virtual reality, education has become more immersive and hands-on, where learners and trainees are part of the educational process and not merely passively participating at the receiving end.

Engage is one of the new VR startups that offers several services, including live virtual classes, recorded sessions, quizzes and assignments that contain VR and AR elements, and a variety of effects that can be used in several contexts.

Resolution Games

If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably heard the name of Resolution Games before. This company has developed a lot of successful AR and VR-based games to appeal to all gaming lovers.

After their successful Angry Birds VR, the company developed a new game with a darker element in 2021. Demeo is currently available for several VR platforms, but there’s a traditional PC version coming soon, so other users can enjoy this game.

Just like other VR and AR gaming experiences, this startup focuses on creating an immersive entertainment experience that engages all the senses to offer gamers the ultimate fun. The new game is a form of cooperative adventure that up to four players can enjoy at the same time.


Omnivirt is a growing startup that focuses on offering 3D and VR advertising services to multiple companies and agencies. By providing their services, Omnivirt’s experts guarantee that your business will be able to achieve better performance and gain more revenues.

According to their website, companies that use VR advertising are expected to enjoy 10 times more engagement and an increase of 300% in click-through rate compared to regular advertising campaigns.

The company has lots of interesting names on its list of clients that specialize in multiple industries and niches. These names include Google, CNN, Morgan Stanley, and Loreal.


This is one of the earliest and best VR startups, offering cloud computing services to facilitate business operations for various companies and organizations. SpatialOS is specifically designed to enable game developers to create and operate successful online games. It’s compatible with various software programs and allows developers to spread their codes across multiple platforms.

In addition to gaming, Improbable has managed to develop applications to cater to the needs of its clients in other industries, including finance, health, city efficiency, and energy. Through the multiple tools of VR, governments, as well as companies, are able to develop programs, test them, and train their personnel to guarantee the best results.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is one of the leading startups using AR/VR technologies that offer solutions to facilitate business operations. It cooperates with multiple companies and organizations in the fields of health, manufacturing, and defense.

The company offers VR headsets that allow managers to meet and train their employees. For example, doctors are able to review surgical plans and use 3D reconstructions of MRI and CT scans to develop the best action plan to treat a patient. In other fields, VR devices are used to provide technical support to frontline workers whenever it’s needed.

The company offers multiple business solutions to cater to the needs of various startups and companies. Benefits include reduced errors, improved communication, and visualizing solutions that can enhance any organization’s performance.

Are You In?

As an aspiring entrepreneur or developer, you’re probably wondering about the first step to take to be part of this growing market.

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