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Metaverse Trends in 2022-2025

By Oleg Boiko
10 min read
Last updated on 01.10.2022 at 14:20
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The Metaverse has been witnessing a good deal of attention from various businesses, and that’s not for no reason. With the rapid pandemic outbreak, brick-and-mortar stores and other companies faced an existential crisis, finding themselves at a crossroads of what to do next. An increasing interest in and use of the Metaverse proves businesses now tend to gravitate toward the digitized world and its potential. Read on to learn more about top Metaverse trends expected to go into the spotlight in 2022-2025.

Rapidly Increasing Investments in Metaverse

You don’t necessarily have to get to the bottom of Metaverse to understand corporations’ burgeoning interest in investing in the field. While brands have personal motivations, the justification may well boil down to one single word – opportunities. The Metaverse opens up a window of options for businesses and users. Besides allowing you to be whoever you want, the simulated world can help liven up your routine and simply have fun.

As per PwC Research’s report, the Metaverse market size shows a stable investment increase, proving it to be a trillion-dollar industry. Ambitious as it is, the concept of a virtual world can touch on a dozen fields, some of which we’ve already discussed in our previous article. Notwithstanding, below are 18 splendid Metaverse trends to hit the scene in 2022-2025.

Industry 4.0

Although it requires time to establish itself as a trendsetter in the digital world, Industry 4.0 clearly expresses interest in adopting Metaverse. The manufacturing branch always looks for new opportunities to enhance productivity and decrease operating costs. Industry 4.0-related fields, such as 5G, AirTaxi (eVTOL), Factory Control, and Robotics, make preliminary attempts to enter the Metaverse these days. By slowly joining the Metaverse today, companies working within Industry 4.0 will arguably have a head start over their competitors who still stick to conventional approaches.

Multilayered World

Metaverse’s control over the environment sounds enticing for many enterprises and users. Simulated worlds offer unprecedented automation and personalization, letting businesses pave the way for coherent and immersive surroundings. The time spent in the Metaverse is hyper-connected, experiential, and material, thanks to VR headsets. It is no need to say that reaching an overarching synchronization takes time and effort to be observable in the foreseeable future. However, the outcomes of this interoperability will arguably outweigh the resources invested.

Metaverse Lifelike Profiles

As the Metaverse matures, more complicated technologies are used to shape the simulated world and better depict users’ appearance. Avatars are one such component that draws our attention in particular. Whether or not people want the same identity, the need to make it as lifelike as possible is apparent. And while 2D avatars were enough in the past, the market longs for more sophisticated solutions today. Companies like Microsoft and Meta tailor to users’ requests, constantly developing their strategies and using cutting-edge technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, to perfect virtual reality.

Motion Tracking

The simulated world looks appealing, but does it feel just as good? The question of tactility has long been circulating in the industry, but only recently has it made a significant step forward. Thanks to haptic gloves and treadmills, users can reap the benefits of various events performed in the digital world. For example, incorporating VR headsets with haptic bodysuits allows users to visit retail stores and get a full-fledged digital try-on experience.

3D Digital Twin Technology

Another trend likely to go viral in the coming years is 3D digital twin technology. This technology aims to work with the physical world and create similar things, which depend on the industry. Whether a construction business, healthcare, or education, 3D digital twin technology could operate in the simulated reality with its results fully applicable to the real environment and state of affairs. Of course, years will pass to see the technology effective and widely accessible. These upcoming three years, however, are a powerful impetus for the Metaverse to explore new areas and sow seeds of a future technological breakthrough.

Cloud Service’s Reliance

For the Metaverse experience to be seamless and memorable, companies must ensure enough storage in advance. The immersive world requires loads of free space to store and analyze data, and that’s where cloud services come into play. Cloud computing will become part and parcel of any Metaverse, ensuring high fidelity, latency, and data security. On the other side of the spectrum, cloud service providers, including but not limited to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, will also benefit from this trend. With the growing reliance on reputable cloud services, providers will manage to collect and process more data, delivering the highest customer experience in the long run.

Data Science Adoption

As the name suggests, Data Science studies data to understand the technology’s merits and demerits and how it shapes our world. With expanding interest in the Metaverse and its influx of new users, Data Science has recently started paying close attention to the industry. It aims to streamline virtual realities and make people’s transitioning from one Metaverse to another smooth and hassle-free.


In response to everlasting issues with ownership, data leaks, and replication, the creation and introduction of a new web model were imminent. Web3 is an improved version of the world wide web. It revolves around blockchain technologies and is anthropocentric, i.e., it puts an individual in the center. Although Web3 and the Metaverse aren’t interchangeable, they are tightly connected and mutually influential. Once the former advances, it will positively impact the latter.

Crypto and NFT Projects

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Non-fungible tokens and digital currencies have been making plenty of noise lately, and we see why. Pairing these elements with the simulated universe provides added value to companies, increasing their revenues and improving future market positioning. NFTs and crypto projects trace parallels with Web3, contributing to coveted all-encompassing and protected ownership.

AR and VR Metaverse Gaming

The Metaverse gaming industry has strived to make the experience more immersive for years, adopting different technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Companies invest a tremendous amount of resources in designing captivating games that will appeal to people’s senses these days. And although Metaverse gaming is in its nascent stage, the increase in VR headset unit sales shows no signs of losing interest in the gaming field.

Metaverse Events

Given the past worldwide events performed in the Metaverse, we can assume that the number of future virtual performances will only increase. 2019 was a challenging year for everyone, with countless restrictions imposed to deter the spread of the virus. On the other end of the stick, the pandemic has proliferated online events, making them an indispensable part of 2022 onward.

Corporate Metaverse

Corporations work on various strategies to provide employees with the best working conditions and let them advance in their positions. Adopting the Metaverse has allowed brands to sort of unanchor workers from offices, empowering them to tackle their tasks anywhere. Slack and Zoom are default apps to track working processes and communicate with colleagues. But in articulating your ideas, using something more complex (technology-wise) is equally essential. Microsoft Mesh is an excellent example of the Metaverse-based space to take remote cooperation to a new level.

Fashion Brands

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Fashion is a multifaceted industry that implements numerous technologies to improve apparel and ways to represent it. It is not uncommon for fashion sharks to design branded apps to showcase new collections and sell items. Yet it’s not enough to bring in new followers and maintain high marketing placement. Boutiques now dive deeper into the Metaverse because it serves as a powerful and cost-effective marketing channel, allowing brands to make customers’ journeys more distinct and pleasant. Some corporations go even further and adopt NFT technology to create digital wearables.

Evolution of the Smart Home

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The fast-paced world has already generated devices and accessories, making our households smart. Things like voice assistants, smart home a/c systems, and robot vacuum cleaners have made chores much easier and faster. With the Metaverse, however, the innovative home concept will evolve to incomparable results. Not only will we be able to control the cleaning process and temperature, but we will also profit from other devices that will contribute to the home’s integrity thanks to the Metaverse.

Virtual Art Galleries

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With galleries facing unmerciful terminations, art, like no other field, has sought mitigation of covid-caused repercussions. Years of no seeming improvement have led to online spaces becoming a ray of hope for artists. Modern technologies enable artists to digitize their works and launch virtual art galleries. In addition, with the Web3 application, artists can rest assured that their online performances and artworks are protected and kept under lock and key.

Digital Real Estate

metaverse real estate
Source: cnbc.com

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing real estate in the virtual world. Since any simulated universe is reachable in a few clicks, having some property in the Metaverse can provide you with stable income in various currencies. Unlike the western world’s cautious treatment of digital real estate, Asian billionaires waste no time and invest lots of resources in building virtual worlds with hotels and other spaces where people can create things, promote products, and sell assets.

Social Network

The Metaverse is a fantastic venue for networking because:

  • It’s low-risk and cost-effective, as investments in the Metaverse centered around networking are minimum.
  • It’s safe because users don’t share sensitive data with people, instead using covert identities and avatars.
  • It’s much more functional than typical platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, providing more settings (formal and casual) to network.
  • It allows for the inclusion of non-player characters (NPC), thus optimizing the environment and fine-tuning people’s presence in the simulated space.

Marketing Impact on the Metaverse

Some trends in the Metaverse go beyond the virtual space itself, influencing shared fields. Take marketing, for instance. Experts must immerse themselves in new technologies to design new marketing approaches to reach the Metaverse population. Conventional text-based SEO tactics will no longer be of use; the visual processing will revolutionize marketing and stimulate its advancement to make it highly efficient in the Meta space.


From socializing to networking to shopping, the Metaverse is a gateway to an immersive world full of opportunities, which multiply and become available daily. Provided are trends the virtual world will hone in on to make it even more realistic and palpable. However, as Morgan Stanley’s research team aptly states, “While we think any metaverse will likely be a next-gen social/digital platform and see an ~$8tn US consumer expenditure TAM, the strength of current digital players’ offerings may make meta adoption difficult/much slower.” As a company operating in the field of VR, AR, and the Metaverse for years, we can’t agree more. There is no guarantee a specific Metaverse will boom and lead to huge revenues overnight. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to try, though. Should you be interested in floating into the Metaverse, drop us a line at hello@wear-studio.com. Our experts will provide practical and unique solutions tailored to your brand’s needs.