XR App for Immersive Showcase

XR App for Immersive Product Showcasing

XR Product Demonstration for MasterWorks Automodules
MasterWorks Automodules
XR App for MasterWorks
What’s MasterWorks XR App?

Masterworks Automodules Immersive Showroom is an XR multiplatform application developed on Flutter with further Unity integration. 

This XR Solution Use Case is about immersive product showcasing & demonstration. Our Client is Masterworks Automodules from Taiwan. It produces cash processing systems & cash terminals located in retail shops, pharmacies, and hospitals. These systems have the distinguished feature of being provenly secure & reliable. Our Client also provides software for their solutions. 

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Client’s wants & needs
Immersive business presence in Metaverse

Our Client wanted to move their business to Metaverse. Their main wish was to embrace digital transformation as where it goes now, and embrace the current Metaverse presence business need.

On the other hand, the Client wanted to use all their sales possibilities, as it is now incredibly convenient to sell goods & products in the Metaverse.

For that, they required a solid XR development partner. So, they found us! 

3d Models Development

The client required 7 models for 3d development. These models represented the company’s products- cash machines and how they work without the need to actually transport these bulky machines to exhibitions or potential clients’ premises.  

XR Multiplatform Solution

The XR solution had to demonstrate 3d objects in Augmeted & Virtual Reality as well as it should be available from a web browser.

So there had to be a web version and a VR version for Meta Quest 2. Initially developed AR module with Flutter had to be also integrated with Unity. 

How we did it?
Gathering clients needs and research

As the firts step, we researched 3d models and carried out the whole workflow research. We did it in several teams to study the logis of how modules work in various places: catering, retail shops, hospitals, etc. 

This was required to achieve the best possible XR customer experience for Client’s end – users.

AR module development

After we carried out research, our team developed a showroom, as well as AR demonstration, where we replicated the logics of cash machine working, animation scenarios, spaces concepts, and location outlook. So that the Client would be able to showcase it anywhere.

We also developed an AR Module for mobile app with the partner team on the side of the Client.

VR App development

We carried out the whole scope of works on VR module for immersive showcasing. This included 3 rooms, where potential customers could have a look at how the modules are functioning from the side of end-users, employees, and even cash collectors. Our team has also developed backoffice for a coffee shop modules demonstration. 

Web adaptation

WE/AR Studio has developed VR app for Immersive Showcasing from scratch. Thus, based on user journey researched from a to z, we created 3 various rooms where users can test the clients solutions user flow.

We adapted an VR app to web 360 version so it can also be used without VR headset in a web browser. The main goal was for the sales teams to demonstrate 3d models  without any additional efforts, and thus, short their sales cycle.

Challenges we overcome

Challenge 1 – Unity app integration previously made on Flutter together with a partner team 

This part was about maintaining the quality & realism of the whole app so that it would smoothly work on two platforms: Oculus and with the help of web-browser. Simultaneously, we had to maintain offline streaming option.

Challenge 2 – the whole user journey and how cash machines work research

We understood that in order to make XR App for immersive showcasing succeed, we had to thoroughly research the user flow of Masterworks modules and how they work. We have never been working with cash machines. Thus, it was new, but we managed it. 

Challenge 3 – incredibly tight timeframes for this project for 3d models development

We were working under deadlines related to Client’ showcasing on XR exhibition. Despite the tight deadline and time frames, we successfully delivered what was expected from us. 

Project results

WE/AR Studio has successfully achieved a WOW effect that our App made on potential customers and provided a tremendous possibility to showcase product features in immersive and outstanding way!

Among other results, we smoothed the workflow for sales people as there was no need to transport their equipment to expos! They’ve had an XR Solution for that.  

Our Client has already used an App and received the targeted user engagement level at the Biggest Retail Shows, such as NRF in USA, EuroShop in Europe and, Retailtech in Japan.

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