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CLiNiC PetFood WebAR App

Adorable experiences with WebAR for pet owners!
CLiNiC PetFood
What’s PetFood WebAR App?

Spectacular WebAR App to deliver engaging experiences, brand awareness & sales boost. Its main goal was to promote a newly released product line for veterinary diets. 

Clinic PetFood App is an amazingly simple way to increase awareness of new lines of special diet variations for pet owners.

Pet food for special diet needs has never been cuter!


Client’s wants & needs
Introduce the audience to the new product line

New diet products line release required promotion & extraordinary introduction. The market & veterinary diet industry is quite intense. So Client decided to stand out in the competition and do it in an engaging way. 

Support & boost the marketing campaign

The new line of special diet pet food for dogs and cats was developed by veterinarians. Therefore, the Client wanted to boost audience engagement and receive a sales increase with interactive WebAR for packaging activation.

Carry out a highly creative campaign experience

With the use of the Web AR App, the Client wanted to make it more engaging & memorable in the sight of pet owners. Thus, information about the new product line would be delivered in the most effective way.

How we did it?
Identifying Client’s Needs

First of all, we were to make sure that we fully understood what Clinic Pet Food required to deliver & receive from their WebAR application.

We identified that this project requires unique, catchy, and engaging WebAR experiences during the design discussions. In the early stages of development, we also provided a client with mockups to provide a clear picture of how the project would be implemented. 

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RnD Stage

Together with the Clent we discussed what functions are to be developed, found proper music & animations. We also worked together with an animation artist from the Client side to merge all together. For example, we developed a function ‘capture’, which is non-native for iOS or Android.

UI/UX Development

We merged all visuals together, along with Cat and Dog animation, so that experiences would be aligned and done in correspondence with each other. The design was customized to the Client’s needs. We also included 3 languages & several AR experiences: 2 for dogs and 2 for cats.

Challenges we overcome

Megabytes limit because it is not recommended by Zappar to overload the App with more than 50 MB. However, initially, we had 12 experiences altogether and 3 languages. That’s why we had to be creative. We merged 12 experiences into 4, we kept three languages. 

WebAR markers merging to the exact experiences so that it would distinguish the exact same experience. That is why we linked marker to the exact pet food package’s qr code to scan. Thus, we had to change the logical process. 

The packaging surface was flat and solid. However, for the best scanning trigger we had to fid the best place on the package and choose the right marker.

Project results

We have performed all types of animations needed, as well as other steps. The WebAR App for Clinic PetFood is waiting to be released. 

We shall keep you updated!

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