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Corporate Metaverse

Be a pioneer in the Metaverse and secure your place for the future!
What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the new level of Internet development that you can access through a combo of modern technologies, such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). Together with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and NFTs each of those areas have a unique culture, community, and something to revolutionize our routine work collaboration as it is.

Corporate Metaverse is a space for new collaborative work, team and client experiences. It elevates our emotional connection and cooperation to new immersing levels.

WE/AR Studio is your trusted Corporate Metaverse Development Company since 2016!

Use Cases of Corporate Metaverse
Game-changing use of VR to blur the line between virtual and real
Communicate with your co-workers immersively
Conduct internal meetings and conferences
Engage gamification to make routine user-friendly
Run wow-client events, sales meetings & presentations
Enhance HR processes, onboarding, company values
Develop your HR brand for Gen Z employees
Metaverse as a digital twin of facilities and production
E-Commerce of Metaverse - the future of shopping
Metaverse Features

Let’s explore the core Metaverse corporate features that are changing the way we collaborate

Custom-designed 3D environments and locations
Personalized and adaptive avatars
Collaborative & creative multiplayer
Events, streams, and team meetings
Company-wide shared CMS system
Support across VR, Web, mobile, and desktop
3D product demos and showcases
Organizational openness
Complete workspace control
Smart analytics and data reporting tools
Metaverse Data & Trends
of US adults joined
or are considering joining the Metaverse
billion by 2028
expected worth of Metaverse
million consumers
the AR market only
Corporate Metaverse Platforms
Virtual Reality apps
Augmented Reality apps
Decentraland in metaverse
How We Conduct the Corporate Metaverse Development:
01. Business analysis

At this stage, we determine the goals, target audience, user portraits, tech stack, and experience scenarios

02. Pre-project workup

Then, we create a technical specification, development pipeline, user experience flow, task list, and accurate estimation

03. Graphics development

Afterwards, we work on concept art to figure out the style of environments and locations and develop UI graphics

04. 3D development

Then, we create and set the 3D scenes in your Metaverse

05. Programming

This stage includes working on the project’s architecture, functionalities, mechanics, graphics integration, 3D content, VFX, music, and sounds

06. Testing

Our team runs stress tests to ensure that the Corporate Metaverse works flawlessly

07. Release

Once we make sure that the Metaverse runs smoothly, we release it in the production environment

08. Post-release technical support

Maintenance, data analytics, and smart integrations

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