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Immersive Online Game in VR

MVP Online Game Development in Virtual Reality
Under NDA
What’s the VR Online Game about?

Our Virtual Reality Use Case consisted of two parts: RnD & Ideation, and based on that creating an MVP for multiplayer online game development. Our client is a company operating on online gaming market and this project is under NDA.

Initially, the Research & Development part was about immersive cross-platform multiplayer system, that would be smoothly transitioned in between any possible platforms: web, PC, desktop and mobile. Later on, it transformed into online VR game MVP. 

Immersive MVP is about further game creation in Virtual Reality. Our goal was to create an MVP, via one multiplayer system, so that end-users could be engaged regardless the platform in any world-dispersed location. We began with VR version. We had to set the groundwork to make this adaptation smooth for visibility and accessibility, so it could be easily ported to any other platform in the future.

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Immersive online game in Virtual Reality
Client’s wants & needs
Concept Ideation

Primarily, our Client had a need in concept development & set of ideation sessions to generate the best online game idea. 

Research for the best game type in Virtual Reality

The Client wanted us to research which online game type will work best among several platforms, along with the possibility of transferring it to Metaverse after an MVP would been tested. 

Research on in-game ecosystem implementation

Our Client wanted to receive a thorough base on how best to develop an in-game economy, and how best to apply play-to-earn approach & so that people would spent more time within the game in multiplayer mode and further smooth multiplatform functioning. 

Create an MVP for online game

An MVP should have shown how the game would look like with an immersive environment & gameplay where end-users would play & earn. It was needed for the further feedback gathering and game development.

How we did it?
Ideation Sessions

We carried out a set of ideations sessions with the Client to generate the online game concepts.

RnD Stage

Based on out ideation sessions, we carried out RnD on the best applicable game type and gameplay.

Software& Hardware Research

Our Team has researched on the best haptic devices compatibility for this game, as well as hand tracking options. We carried out both software and hardware research and best platform compatibility. It also included the UX flow, architecture analysis, , content types, developed volumetric videos, 3d assets, we also tested basis API. In addition to that, we conducted holographic research for presentation show of the project

Cross-Platform VR MVP Development

We created an MVP with several immersive game environments, game objects multiplicator & multiplayer mode, developed game logic, user & player live streams to a real-time avatar animation. MVP could run on 4 platforms: web, mobile, desktop, VR for classical online game. 

Challenges we overcome

Stable multiplayer

We had to choose the multiplayer technology system so it would allow to work in any platform with functional stability. In addition to that,  it would allow a large amount of user to be there. So we had to use extraordinary approaches. 


For example, the object flying movement and approaching other elements so that it would be slow, simultaneously it would be slow for everyone in the game. The whole environment was supposed to be stopped, but the object movement should’t have violated physics so that the whole virtual world wouldn’t be asssinchronysed.  

High-quality graphics

We had to maintain highly qualitative graphics at the same time, Oculus didn’t provide that option. The same challenge was with locations, spaces, and overall environment. The immersive game environment was supposed to be highly realistic.

Project results

Our team successfully delivered an ideation workshop, generated a list of potential ideas for future online games, and developed an immersive MVP for real-world testing.


Result 1 – We generated and tested ideas for the Client as agreed. Ideas are viable and have undergone validation.

Result 2 – We carried out the technological research for the Client on the best devices and platform compatibility. We performed the handtracking analysis for haptic devices, so that the client understands which devices work best for this  game.

Result 3 – We developed an MVP for Virtual Reality Immersive Game. It is now being tested and waiting for futher game development.

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