Mana VR App

Revolutionizing Banking Experience

Banking comes into Metaverse with Mana VR
Mana VR Banking App for Metaverse
What is Mana VR App?

For this VR App, our team has developed a customized Virtual Reality experience for Mana. Its main goal was to develop and launch the VR application to take control of the Manaverse checking account. With Mana VR, you can control your account and check recent transactions in the immersive VR environment.


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Client’s requirements and needs
Bringing banking functionality to VR

Mana was on its mission to provide an immersive VR banking experience. The project enables banking functionality in VR, alongside providing a breathtaking customer experience.

User-friendly VR app

The client requested a standalone VR application fully optimized for Oculus Quest 2. The app was required to be compatible and deliver excellence in banking and gaming functionalities.

Integration with Mana ecosystem

One of the main requirements for this project was a smooth integration of Mana VR with the backend and a standalone mobile application. The crucial need was to ensure that all parts of the larger ecosystem were structured, synchronized, and work smoothly.


Transferring funds in VR

Our team was tasked with a requirement to create a flawlessly-operating system for receiving and sending transactions in VR. The project was meant to have a smooth banking experience with Oculus Quest 2 headset.

How we Approached It
Working with client’s needs

Before starting the project’s development, our team worked thoroughly on the client’s needs and requirements. Since the project needed R&D on our side, we did our best to design a well-rounded operational logic. After that, we worked collaboratively with Mana to map out the project’s specific requirements regarding functionality, design, and ecosystem integration.


Developing VR functionality

After a series of research and brainstorming sessions, our team approached the development stage. According to the project’s responsibility matrix, we engaged in UX creation, technical specifications development, 3D model creation, skybox, 360 environment design, sound effects, and VR development. Together with Mana, we also worked on integrating the Mana VR app into the larger Manaverse ecosystem to reflect the best banking experience in VR.

Optimizing for Oculus Quest 2

Regarding technical details, the project’s main goal was to release the app optimized for Oculus Quest 2. Since the Mana VR banking application encompasses numerous functions and features, it requires solid processing capacities. Thus, our development team did its best to optimize the app for Oculus Quest 2 through a series of optimization cycles. We did all that to deliver a flawless banking experience without even the tiniest mishap.


Since the delivered project was complex regarding its extensive functionality, our quality compliance team ran a series of stress tests to ensure that Mana VR operates flawlessly. In particular, our QA department thoroughly tested the Oculus Quest 2 connection, log-in nuances, and proper integration of Mana VR to the Manaverse ecosystem.

Challenges We Overcame

Mapping out the particular project’s technical specifications to meet the client’s expectations

Bringing top-notch banking functionality to VR with vibrant 3D effects

Optimizing the Mana VR app for Oculus Quest 2 to ensure that the app runs smoothly and without any hassle

Unlocking the full potential of the Manaverse ecosystem by integrating the application to the client’s backend and a dedicated mobile application

Mana VR Banking App
Project Results

Mana VR application lets users take control of their Manaverse accounts in an immersive and awe-aspiring VR environment. By using Oculus Quest 2 headset, the final version of the product incorporates the hardware capacities with Mana’s ecosystem banking features. Upon the Mana VR release, it’s now possible to check your balance and accept payments in a custom VR environment.


Mana VR app for Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent VR for business example that you can try out even the most complex activities, including banking, without a single mishap in an engaging VR environment.

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