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ALLO Virtual Store AR App

Providing an immersive virtual shopping experience
What’s ALLO AR App?

It is a complete e-commerce store made with Unity and AR ruler. It has an online 800 item catalog of realistic 3D models that users can try out in their real environment.

Its main goal is to provide users with the best shopping experience, eliminate doubts about purchasing, and help them make the right decision.

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Client's Wants & Needs
ALLO Virtual Store App

The initial version of the ALLO’s challenge was quite unique. The retail chain needed to add a new product line without launching new physical stores. Also, they wanted a virtual store that would blow customers away.

Boost Sales and Make Them More Effective

Virtual Store app was to be used by consultants in physical stores. It was to make sales much more effective and efficient.

Change the Way Customers Do Shopping

They also wanted the app to change the way their customers do their shopping. Not only did they want customers to shop virtually, but they also wanted them to test products in their real environment.

Add 800 Products to the Catalog

Finally, the virtual store ALLO asked us to develop was to be home to an incredible 800 products. So, we had a huge task on our hands. But as you should know, the WeAR Studio team always gets the job done.

How We Did It
Client's Needs

The process of getting to know our client’s needs is an essential part of what we do. So, the first thing we did was to gather our team together to look for a way to achieve ALLO’s goals in style.

An 800 Item Catalog

For the ALLO Virtual Store app, we designed a very impressive catalog. Not only did we include the 800 items requested by ALLO, but we also placed them in different categories. This makes it much easier for customers to find their desired products.


One of the best features of the app is that it allows ALLO’s customers to do more than just buy items online. When you visit the ALLO Virtual Store, you will be able to test products in your real environment and also filter the catalog to suit the available space. One of the filters we used in achieving this is the AR ruler.


The next thing we did was to integrate the app with ALLO’s official website. This way, the app fetches data from the website on stocks and prices.


To ensure that the app exceeded the needs of our clients, we put it through three different levels of model tests and quality assurance.

Different Environments

The WeAR Studio team understood that the app would be used by different categories of users. So, we created different environments for customers, sales representatives, and supervisors.

Challenges We Overcame

Getting a clear idea of the client’s wants and needs

Creating a catalog with various categories and interactive shopping space in AR

Using filters (including AR ruler as a filter)

Adding favorites and purchases

Integration with the website for actual stock and prices

Huge 3D pipeline with test environment

Carrying out 3 levels of models tests and quality assurance

Project Results

In the end, we successfully solved all of Allo’s problems. The virtual showroom is fully customizable and it comes with display cases that can be altered daily. It was released on both Android and iOS platforms.
Now, ALLO’s sales representatives don’t need to have products on display before they can show them to customers. Even better, customers can also check out and test items from the comfort of their homes.

The WeAR Studio team continues to push the boundaries of customer relations and engagement with technology.
So regardless of what your business or goals are, you can be assured that the WeAR Studio team is the partner you need.

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