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Revolutionizing the gas business with AR
What’s Coffeeoke AR App?

For the project, we’ve made a customized AR karaoke solution with mice characters on branded cups. Its main goal was to increase OKKO’s sales and brand awareness during the Christmas holidays.

By pointing a camera at the cup, visitors of the gas station could sing songs, earn points, and win discounts, all accompanied by funny mice playing instruments.

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Client's Wants & Needs
Increase Sales & Brand Awareness

OKKO needed to drive its sales up and increase brand awareness during the Christmas holidays. So, the management reached out to us to satisfy both needs with AR technology.

X-Mas Karaoke AR App

The company knew exactly what it wanted and reached out to the right team. What they wanted seemed quite straightforward, a Christmas karaoke app with Augmented Reality mice characters on branded OKKO coffee cups that will turn gas stations into cozy family spots.

Create Bonus System

The mice were to happily play instruments while customers try to get scores that would earn them discounts on gas, snacks, and more. It was basically a campaign to make customers enjoy the OKKO brand more.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

OKKO needed to stay ahead of its competitors in a unique way. So, we brought our team together to create a karaoke program with voice recognition and a reward system.

How We Did It
Client's Needs

To begin with, we took our time to ensure that we had a clear understanding of what our clients needed from us. The AR app was something that OKKO customers had to find unique and engaging.


To achieve our client’s goal, we decided to opt for a marker-based AR technology. Each coffee cup features the image of a mouse, and whenever the app’s camera is focused on it, the playing 3D model pops up.


One interesting thing about markers is that it allows you to track several images at the same time. This way, customers will have a full band of mice playing when they bring multiple cups together.

Scoring System

After developing the AR effects to put customers in the right mood, the next step was to create a scoring system that would reward them. We integrated the bonus system in the karaoke app to create an interesting and rewarding system.


We ended up developing something that has so far been rewarding to both OKKO and its customers. So, the better the singing and fun, the better the reward


We carried out tests on every part of the project to figure out a balance. Also, we tracked all performances and rewards to ensure that the scoring system was functional. The analytics tool that we added enabled OKKO to see the app’s performance and engagement rate.

Challenges We Overcame

Creating a popular AR app that will set the right Christmas mood at OKKO’s gas stations

Building our own Karaoke solution with voice recognition and a scoring system (with no Unity plugins available at that moment)

Making the AR app so engaging and festive so that the clients spend more time at gas stations

Integrating a bonus system to reward OKKO’s clients

Project Results

It took us three months to develop the OKKO AR Karaoke app, then we integrated it with OKKO’s existing loyalty program. After that, our client launched marketing and communications campaigns.

The results were outstanding. Customers were having fun on the app, earning points, and exchanging them for discounts on their gas purchases. The effect of Coffeeoke on OKKO’s was nothing short of amazing.

Just take a look at the statistics:

liters of gas sold
app downloads
karaoke sessions

The Coffeeoke project has proven that an investment in AR technology is always worth it when you have the right strategy

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