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Supermarket Magic: Augmented Reality Packaging

By Veronika Petrenko
8 min read

The packaging of the product is a powerful communication channel. It reaches 100% of your clients.

Just think about it, it’s the first thing the client sees when he/she grabs a bottle of wine or a package of cereals in a supermarket! It’s the first thing a buyer touches when he/she gets a box with the brand new laptop delivered to the doorstep. If the customer sees the product FOR THE FIRST TIME, the packaging becomes the ONLY communication channel with the brand. Distinctive packaging is the only thing that can draw the attention of the customers.  Retailers using augmented reality for packaging understood its incredible potential for storytelling and found 1001 ways to use it!

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So today with the help of AR for packaging, labels on the bottles of wine “sing songs” and mascots of the companies share recipes with clients. So if you want your product to gain some shelf appeal in the supermarket, bring it to life with the help of augmented reality application.

Tell me the truth, do you see any difference between those psychedelic packs of cereals and yogurts in the supermarkets? I don’t. Sometimes I grab the brightest box with crackers totally ignoring the letters on the cover.  Yet packaging with augmented reality can finally change everything because it makes any product look and feels special!

Who can ignore the bottle of wine that is telling cool criminal stories?

These stories make customers forget that they are actually left their home to do some shopping. These stories remind a tired buyer that there is still the time for magic and fun in life, isn’t it?

5 Stories Augmented Reality Packaging Can Tell

Heartfelt Brand Story

A story behind your brand is the most important story in your business.  You can pour money in content marketing and social media but if you don’t have a captivating story behind your brand – it’s all futile.

The best brand stories are emotional, sincere and are tied closely to their founders.

Recall the most amazing date in your life. I am sure that it was the date when you told & heard amazing stories. Maybe, that was the date when you took the decision to get married- because the stories told by your significant other surprised and touched you deeply. They resonated with you on some deep level. You understood that this person is unique for you. And no one else in the world can impress you with such stories.

You can tell your brand stories in many ways. During meetings with your potential clients and partners( if they are prepared to listen), you can hire copywriters who will make your audience laugh and cry ( and click buy eventually because that is the purpose after all). Alternatively, you can make your product tell these amazing stories with the help of augmented reality applications.

The Glenlivet Code created an application in which a master distiller tells a brief brand story of their mystic product. As a bonus, this application helps a potential client to find a perfect taste by mixing all the ingredients in the right proportions.

Do you remember the moment when you decided to start a company? What makes your product really unique? How was the idea of creating a new brand born? What technologies make your brand special? Using AR you can tell the most important brand stories to your customers.

Provoking Character Story

If you are selling the product with the criminals on the labels, why not let these criminals tell their scary stories? Augmented reality marketing solutions for packaging is the real chance to be weird and innovative. That is exactly what a wine business from California decided to do.

19 Crimes produces wine. But it’s not a simple wine, it is dedicated to 19 different crimes for which people were sent to Australia. Murders, thieves, traitors – all sorts of marginals with their spooky provoking stories. So the brand decided to let their characters speak.

And you know what, this AR project made the marketing community explode despite a simple and somehow even obvious idea. If you brand uses a fictional persona, why not let this person tell their unique stories themselves?

A Festive Story Dedicated to the Event

Holiday marketing is a special treat. Holidays are the most amazing time of the year for customers and the busiest period for all the companies. The time to remind about your business and the time to sell, of course. But one thing is certain: you need to show your clients that you really care and that you share the atmosphere of Christmas. Snowflakes, Santas, and deers will never go unnoticed even if you are targeting lonely workaholics.

There are more traditional methods to remind about your business during the holidays. You can decorate a store, you can run a TV ad or you can make the interface of your application thematic.

Sugar Creative and Reel Label Solutions decided to create a real Christmas world around a… bottle of beer. Scan the label and open the door to Christmas mood!

Inspiring Story of a Mascot

Mascots are here for long despite the fact that some marketers claim that they are outdated. But can you imagine Disney without Mickey Mouse or Duracell without their crazy pink rabbit?

Mascots are popular because they can tell things people are not able to tell and people will listen to him. Just because they are charming and likeable. Thus, for instance, Geico company sells insurance with the help of their friendly and inspiring mascot- a gecko. This gecko speaks about things you would not like to hear from a human- insurance for example. The company even created a catalog with ironic name “You are only a human” dedicated solely to insurance.

My friend who has a small kid says that sometimes it is impossible to feed him without his favorite dragon toy. With a dragon toy the boy is even ready to eat broccoli. To me it looks like the effect of “a dragon toy” is effective in marketing as well.

For instance,a French dairy company Danone decided to educate their little clients with the help of their favorite mascot. Using augmented reality of course. Dinosaur Dino has become a true friend to many kids who were ready to listen to him and to learn about space in particular. Danone’s mascot told kids about stars, galaxies, comets, and spaceships in a funny and entertaining way.

The effect was stunning. First of all, Danone managed to create a serious with animated magnets dedicated to Dino’s journey through space so that children started collecting them all.  Second, the application made a positive effect on parents as well: they realized that buying a yogurt they also teach their kids something useful. With the help of Dino!

A Story with a Unique Recipe

For a long time, I thought I was the expert in awesome cocktails, I knew how to solve any problem with a medium dry martini and lemon peel (shaken, not stirred). But then I came across an augmented reality application that blew my mind completely. First of all, it was stunningly beautiful: with the sophisticated 3D imagery and tempting music. It was exotic, provoking and seductive as hell.

Second, it taught customers to make cocktails while they were still holding a bottle with the drink.

You can be selling an awesome product but customers will just pass by not knowing how to squeeze the best out of it.  And you can give them a hint them by attaching a recipe to the packaging. You can teach and tutor customers in a gentle way.

Magic in Supermarkets

Animism is the most rudimentary form of the religion of the world that is common to all the cultures. People always wanted to believe that the objects around us, such as trees, stones, or rivers have some spiritual essence.

People always wanted to unlock those spiritual essences using thousands of different rituals. Isn’t it the reason why Pokemon Go augmented reality game was downloaded 750 mln times? And the majority of users were adults.

Mythological mindset appeared 60 thousand years before logic that is why we still use myths to explain the world in many senses. Maybe that is why we often lack some magic in daily life searching it everywhere, even on the boxes with yogurt. Well, if you know that your clients need magic, and you know how to do it, why not try adding AR marketing solutions to your agenda? Especially if it improves the communication with your customers?