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Eiwaz Tree of Life

Uniting people in the battle to save mother nature
Martine Jarlgaard
What’s The Eiwaz Tree of Life?

It is an AR app built using Plane Tracking AR Foundation and a combo of visual effects (VFX) and sound effects (SFX). Its main goal is to unite humans on a global mission to win the Battle for Nature through tree planting. The app allows users to plant their own trees, customize them, and share the results on social media.

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Client's Wants & Needs
To Create a New Movement

Our client’s dream was to spark a movement that would bring people from different parts of the world together for one goal; to save mother nature.

Uniting the Virtual Reality and the Real World

To achieve this goal, our client needed a solution that would merge the virtual and real worlds. The importance of this was to launch gamified awareness and activism for the planet’s future.

Planting Virtual Trees

At the end of the project, the solution should allow users to plant virtual trees in different locations worldwide. It should also show why more has to be done to preserve tree life.

Achieving the UN's Goal

To reduce climate change and ultimately achieve the UN’s goal, we need to start doing things differently. Our client felt a need to think and dream bigger. What better way to do this than with AR technology.

How We Did It
Client's Needs

The entire team was inspired by the goal our client set out to achieve. So, it was a pleasure learning all about her wants and needs and we worked hand-in-hand from start to finish.

Plane Tracking AR Foundation

To save the planet with virtual trees, we needed flat surfaces to plant them. So, we made use of an AR plane manager. The plane manager is a tool that detects planes in the environment and places objects (in this case, trees) on them.

VFX (Visual Effects)

We created about 5 minutes long visual effects that will be seen before a real tree is planted. We also developed a special scenario. Martine Jarlgaard handled the creation of the tree herself.

Adding a Tree Counter

We included a tree counter in the app to show users the numbers of trees that will  be planted. The app will also display the amount of carbon dioxide that will be absorbed by the calculated number of trees per year.

Creating a Mini-Game

We developed a mini-game called Stop Fire and integrated it into the app. During the game, a user will be required to save a tree by hitting back fireballs. A point will be added to the tree’s life indicator every time a fireball is stopped. The game ends when the indicator becomes full.

Adding SFX (Sound Effects)

To make the Eiwaz Tree of Life more lively and realistic, we included sound effects. These sound effects will be played for five-minute visual effects.

Play Zone

As essential as it is, tree planting isn’t an easy task. So, we included the Play Zone to make it more fun. In this mode, you will be able to customize your tree in whatever way you desire. You may increase or decrease its size. You may also paint it in twelve different colors.

The Beizer Curve

We understood that users could lose sight of their trees in AR, so we added the Beizer curve technology. Beizer curves are mathematically defined curves that are used in 2D graphics applications. With this technology, we created dotted lines that simulate the path to the trees.

Connecting It to Social Media

To create awareness about the movement and increase interactions, users need to share their trees on social media. We added the necessary tools to link the app to popular social media platforms.

Challenges We Overcame

Using a powerful combo of AR + VFX + SFX

Making the five-minute scenario interactive to prevent users from getting bored

Making the tree customizable

Using different technologies such as the Beizer curve and the Plane Manager

Project Results

We completed the Eiwaz Tree of Life project successfully, and the entire WeAR Studio team is proud to have played a vital role in the battle to save our planet. The first Eiwaz Tree of Life has been placed in The Royal Danish Theatre, Ofelia Pads, and Jeudan. 

The Eiwaz Tree of Life now stands as an important monument in Copenhagen. As it grows towards the heavens, it serves as a tribute to nature, a symbol of hope, and a better tomorrow.


The WeAR Studio team has again proven that we can adapt to any situation to achieve our clients’ goals.

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