Turning coffee cups into karaoke with prizes!


Project description

Gas stations around Ukraine vary from lonely petrol points down the highway to Odessa to full-service auto depot with restaurants. OKKO, however, took a different approach. They wanted to implement new technologies into their bonus system, as well as set the right mood for the Christmas Holidays at their stations. For both of these solutions they’ve reached us out.

It was a perfect-case scenario: a client who knows what he needs and right people to bring the idea to life. The idea they came up with was simple at first glance: Christmas karaoke app with Augmented Reality mice characters on branded OKKO coffee cups. The characters would play their tiny instruments as you’re trying to hit the score and win a discount for gas, snacks or other OKKO services.

Project goal

To make an engaging Holiday campaign that will make people stay at OKKO gas stations longer and win prizes.

We understood the uniqueness of this idea when we found no AR karaoke Unity plugins to work with. So we had to write our own karaoke program with voice recognition and a scoring system. That was quite a challenge, but thanks to the flexibility of Unity engine and numerous singing tests from our team we managed to create a proper solution.

Our coffeoke is using marker-based technology. Every cup has an image of a mouse that brings up it’s playing 3D model every time you focus the app camera on an image. The cool thing with markers is that you can track multiple images simultaneously, which allows you to gather a full band of mice playing their instruments by putting different cups together. 

In this case, Augmented Reality was one of the engaging features for the mood. Scoring system inside karaoke made it for the bonus system integration. Together, they created useful and cheerful experience – both for our client and client’s client 🙂

The other interesting part of this project is karaoke scoring system. Our goal was to make an experience rewarding OKKO customers AND OKKO itself. So the better is the singing – the better is reward. The best way to figure out a balance was to test everything live. We tracked every performance and reward to make sure every bonus is assigned accordingly. We added analytic tools so OKKO could see the efficiency of the app and engagement rate.


App went viral in a matter of days. And the fun part of the coffee karaoke was the reason for it: people focused on singing and enjoying their time rather than hunting discounts on the app. This was proven by numerous Instagram and Facebook posts from users who tagged OKKO to express their emotions. The coffeoke was a perfect match for OKKO’s strategy to make their every gas station a comfortable place to stay and rest.