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AR in Entertainment is All About Making Our Lives Better

By Veronika Petrenko
2 min read

Movies like “Terminator” or “Mission: Impossible” show us how easy it is to get information and analyze surrounding via super-vision gadgets, hi-tech contact lenses and so on. Everything that looked like a science fiction only a few years ago now is a part of reality called augmented. Pokémon Go uses AR mapping, online shops use virtual dressing rooms, makeup stores let buyers test their products with the help of AR software.

ETC (Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center) studied AR as a part of virtual reality, but now it’s completely different. Drew Davidson, ETC’s director, said in press release, that AR software opens new ways of games development. MixAR and Everywhere Music, both based on Microsoft’s HoloLens, are the main projects of ETC’s researchers. MixAR introduces you to Mixy, a robot, that helps users interact directly with augmented reality in a physical space. Researchers are interested in learning where Mixy can be useful and want it to evoke emotional responses in the user. Everywhere Music is an AR piano that allows users to “perform live with a band” and take interactive piano lessons.
Will Hagan, one of ETC’s students and the producer of the MixAR project, believes that augmented reality in entertainment is not about radical changes in human lives, but about making our lives better.

Find more information about MixAr here and about AR piano here.

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