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How to Use VR for Sports: 7 Lifehacks

By Veronika Petrenko
6 min read
Last updated on 13.01.2022 at 18:06

I am sure you’re very skeptical about using VR technology in sports.

Sports + virtual reality? Really? You might think, sports is good as it is. Watching sports is fun, it provokes intense positive emotions, it unites people creating a sense of brotherhood. Doing sports is stimulating, motivating, and very useful for your health. Sports is perfect as it is because it reveals the best in people: strong will, ambitions, motivation. Stamina, after all.

But what if I tell you that adding some VR to sports can transform the whole experience making it more exciting, immersive, and effective. But how to use VR for sports?

There are many ways to add some virtual reality in sports. NBA and Olympic Games choose VR broadcasting, professional sportsmen use VR for training more and more often, people like you and me can try a personal fitness trainer in virtual reality or virtual reality gym.

There are plenty of opportunities, you just need to find the one that suits you the best.

Why is VR gaining popularity in sports?

First of all, using VR in the sports industry means making the best sports events and multi-sport events more accessible to people around the world. That is the goal that NBA, NHL, and the Olympic Games. Because if you reach the largest target audience possible, it means you increase fandom immensely. Don`t forget that sports, I mean real sports, should unite people and help them share best emotions with others. And promote a healthy lifestyle as well.  That is why NBA and Olympic Games have embraced virtual reality to organize live broadcasting. Beautiful marriage of big sports, emerging technologies, and cinema. What doe sit mean for people like you and me?

1. Watch NBA Game in VR

Virtual reality in sports is your chance to visit the most interesting NBA matches and sit courtside. At last. Those who used this app claim that it’s almost as realistic as visiting games at Oracle Arena. Or even a bit better because you can do it from any place in the world at any time you want. Absolute comfort and a very trippy experience are the first associations to virtual reality used in sports for live broadcasting.

And the “ticket” to the VR match is not really expensive for a real fan. If you have a headset (Samsung Gear VR), a smartphone, and a NextVR app, you can find yourself in the NBA game. For the NBA league, whose fans live in more than 200 countries of the world,  it means reaching each and every basketball lover. For NBA it’s the synonym of providing each single basketball lover with the best-personalized experience possible.

NBA claims that virtual reality games broadcasting was a groundbreaking idea, and it is more than satisfied with this experience.

2. Watch a Boxing Match in VR

For some sports VR can be a transformational experience: for instance, watching box in VR is something worth trying. A London boxing match between David Haye and Mark di Mori was broadcasted in VR and viewers could see boxers in close-up. All this passion and all this power in virtual reality:  closer than you could ever imagine. Such an unbelievable experience.

3. Attend Olympic Games in VR without Leaving Your Place

Analyzing positive experience of virtual reality events broadcasting, this year Olympic Games also decided to expand their reach and add millions of potential viewers. VR broadcasting of the most important sports event of the world was organized in partnership with Intel, the company that promised full coverage of this mind-blowing event.

Are you one of those people who are impressed with the speed, force, and stamina of Olympic players?  From now one there is no need going abroad to enjoy the power and the beauty of the human body. HMDs owners could watch snowboarding, figure skating, speed skating, ice skating and 26 other events in virtual reality.

But it’s crucial to understand that virtual reality for sports is beneficial for both for viewers and organizers. It’s a real win-win game. One the one hand, it is possible to watch sports in VR and enjoy full immersion into the game. On the other hand,  using VR in sports is the possibility to make sports more profitable and more accessible to real fans all over the world.

4. Try VR Workout -Doing Fitness or Boxing

Today you can have the whole workout in VR. It works like that: you wear VR goggles and find yourself in a beautiful room with a gorgeous fitness trainer. Or alone in a boxing ring in front of the bulb with the help of BOXVR . It is possible to add your favorite playlist to the workout and punch the bulb to becoming a professional boxer, why not?

Alternatively, you can have your own personal fitness trainer and your personal  VR workout. An attractive young woman will teach you how to improve your body by showing different exercises. Your task will be to repeat it all.

There are several benefits of this app: first, you are transported to beautiful places in VR and that’s really motivating and inspiring. It’s like doing yoga on the beach: no one can resist it. Second, there is no need to go anywhere to do a workout. And even training at home can transform you into a good-looking athlete.

5. Try Virtual Reality Gym

Alternatively, there is a Black Box, world’s first full Virtual Reality gym experience in which your body becomes a controller. This virtual reality app promises fewer efforts and more results compared to traditional workout. Its developers claim that with  10/10 of your abilities, your body feels it works for 6/10. Another cool benefit of virtual reality gym is that time flies compared to a traditional workout.

6. Dance as if Nobody’s Watching in VR

Sometimes several hours on the dance floor is better than any gym.  Because you can actually boogey your way to a better look using Holodance. And the HMD of your choice. More than that, this app allows choosing your perfect playlist.

This virtual reality app for training offers users to dance with dragons. And who can resist this temptation?

VR opens new dimensions for sports lovers, sports events organizers, and professional sportsmen as well.

With the help of VR broadcasting, viewers can have more personalized experience: they choose the matches they want to attend, choose angles and have the best view of their favorite games. It means an absolutely new narrative experience. And absolutely new emotions.

VR broadcasting means that the whole content can be virtual but the emotions users will have are absolutely real.

And your body transformation will be real as well if you try virtual reality workout. Because VR in sports is a good idea for personal training as well: it’s more exciting, more captivating, and more entertaining.