In the last 5 years, the number of VR users has grown from less than 1 million to 150+ million
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VR/AR/MR are new media of our time. As it happens to all new media, they lack some tools to become fully integrated. As for VR/MR/AR, we still don’t have any decent user-friendly hardware. Apart from that, new technologies are perceived with suspicion. And they are often criticized if not ostracized.

It took 15 years to understand that a personal computer is a necessary thing in each house. Even then some people doubted the necessity of the Internet, and it took 5 years to make the Internet really popular.

That’s why many people today are wondering “Are VR/AR/MR just a new gimmick?”

Well, they are not, simply because these are new media connecting the digital world to the physical world smoothly and naturally.


When 20 years ago someone told me that my mom would be connected to the Internet 24/7 and would be able to sell her pictures on Etsy, I would say something like:”That can never happen. Like never ever.”

Now I can’t imagine that the world can be different.

That’s why I am trying to visualize the world in 10 years when VR/AR/MR become trivial (almost annoying like these Facebook messenger notifications).

The typical day of a typical person in 2027 would look like this in the world of VR/AR/MR:


VR for Meditation at 8 AM

All successful people start their day with meditation, you know. Steve Jobs, David Lynch, Dalai Lama, you. “No, I don’t, I don’t have time,” you’re telling me, and it sounds like a joke. Of course, you are busier than these people.

There is a zen joke that states that if you can’t find the time to meditate for 1 hour during the day, you should meditate for at least 3 hours a day.

But I understand you well, it’s not the time you lack in most cases. It’s motivation. But leave your lame excuses to your granny who believes in magnetic storms.

With VR you will have no excuses because you’ll have so many beautiful possibilities for escape. Just look at it, isn’t it pure magic?

When I saw this I was stunned: each of these doors promised me a real 15- minute vacation. And I couldn’t resist.


VR for Sports Training at 9 AM

The last time I had a strong motivation to do a workout at home was never. When I am at home, I always find more exciting things (=checking e-mails) and more useful things (=eating).

That was before I bought this app for Oculus Rift with a 7-minute virtual reality workout. Well, when you pay $500 for something, you start thinking about its utilization more often.

That’s when I found that I could do a workout at home. How does it look like? You find yourself in a nice and cozy apartment (or on the top of the mountain) in front of your fitness trainer. The principle is simple: you just start repeating everything after this good-looking and attractive lady, and in 2 or 3 months you will look like her.

I don’t know why some people (me among them) can hardly motivate themselves to do their workout. And why so many people need a strong stimulus in the form of a virtual woman.

I only know that VR for sports training is effective and it can be a great solution for those who want to stay home and train.  


Driving to Work at 10 AM

It’s comfortable and pleasant with an augmented reality windshield.

Yes, sure, self-driving cars can become very popular in 10 years but specialists say that AR will serve as the bridge between modern cars and cars of the future.

And before self-driving cars are sold at your nearest car dealership, you will drive a car with augmented reality windshield.

With this augmented reality windshield you will be able to park your car like a real boss, will know all about the speed of the cars passing by, and will be able to calculate the distance between cars with mathematical precision.

It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and you can keep your eyes on the road all the time.

It looks like you can delegate a lot of mental operations that you had to perform yourself to a reliable friend. Would you say  “No” to this option?


 You have a Conference at 12 PM in a Virtual Reality Meeting Space

Businesses have started utilizing virtual and augmented reality more and more often because these technologies are actually very cost-effective.

It’s possible to reduce expenses by training employees in virtual reality or organize a meeting in stunning virtual reality locations. Instead of booking planes and hotels, you can now gather the whole team under one virtual roof. Don’t worry, there are enough avatars to reflect the peculiarities of your employees.

So in 10 years, your company meeting will most likely be virtual. Grab your VR headset and please don’t be late. Besides, you can show up as Chewbacca or Batman.

Businesses will need virtual meeting spaces, that’s what Facebook thinks offering companies special app conferences. Oculus for Business offers a set of devices to boost business and accelerate education process.

Cisco Spark VR is another alternative to boring and monotonous meetings because participants can finally collaborate.

So get ready for it virtual reality meeting spaces will be available very soon. And choose how you are going to show up now because many colleagues of your might be glad to try a Batman’s suit.


VR for Pain Management

Imagine you have a splitting headache and you reach for your first aid and there are no traditional painkillers in it. Just Oculus Rift. Because that’s what VR is made for – pain management. And I am not kidding, numerous scientific studies prove it. 

VR destructs your attention from pain and stimulates positive emotions. It also alters your brain chemistry.

As a result, the level of pain decreases even in chronic patients or in patients who have serious burns. There are companies that create content specifically for pain management and anxiety. So if you don’t feel like swallowing this pill today, just try VR goggles.


Augmented Reality Shopping at 7 PM

Yes, years ago you needed to drive to the supermarket to buy food, clothes, and furniture. Now it’s over. Augmented reality apps for shopping save your time 

With AR apps for shopping, you will be able to buy anything online. I guess augmented reality apps for clothes will be the most popular. Because it’s annoying to pick up clothes for hours just to stay in lines to buy it.


Virtual Reality Gaming with Kids at 8 PM

Of course, after a long long day, you deserve some rest. How about mind-blowing virtual reality gaming experience? That’s a stimulating and relaxing way to spend your time with the whole family. 

And it’s so absorbing.

Virtual Reality Broadcasting -10 PM

With VR broadcasting you can already visit festivals, such as Coachella or NBA games whenever you want.

Sounds cool? 2017 was the year when several world-famous music festivals offered the possibility of virtual reality broadcasting to their visitors. Imagine the evolution of virtual reality broadcasting by 2027.

“Babe, do you want to dance at Coachella? Or should we rather choose Glastonbury today?”

“No, I don’t feel like going to England. Check if there are good concerts in Japan today.”

Maybe you can even be able to go behind the scene to listen to your favorite band in 2027. I am sure you will.

In Other Words, VR and AR will be integrated into modern life step by step so you won’t even notice it. Only when you understand that your virtual fitness trainer is speaking to your Japanese colleague he met in a virtual reality meeting space, you’ll get the idea.


So make no mistake: VR and AR will be a great part of your future life. The line between digital objects and physical will be blurred and indistinguishable. Some people can grasp the opportunity now when the gold rush for VR/AR/MR is not in full bloom yet.

You can sell clothes or organize virtual reality broadcasting of your events today, and in 10 years you will have a generation of loyal customers. They will know that you started using VR/AR/MR for your business before it was cool.


Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


Error you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!

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