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Top 10 Free Games for Oculus Quest and Quest 2

By Veronika Petrenko
12 min read
Last updated on 17.01.2023 at 10:44

Ever since it’s been founded and after being acquired by Facebook, Oculus has managed to wow virtual reality fans with its impressive VR technology and headsets. This is why every virtual reality enthusiast is probably interested in finding the best games for Oculus Quest and Quest 2. 

For about $299, a VR gamer can get the Oculus Quest or Quest 2 to enjoy a world of possibility with virtual reality. These headsets are definitely worth the price, but buying games to explore their full potential can put a strain on your budget, even if you only have to pay a few dollars for every game. It’s no secret that VR app development service is not cheap.

Luckily, there are currently numerous apps and games that you can enjoy on both headsets, and the good news is that they’re free. So, keep on reading to learn more about these free games that you can enjoy. 

Are Free Games Good?

One of the main advantages of the Quest and Quest 2 is that they’re easy to use and control. However, although they’re more affordable than other virtual reality headsets, they still come with a price. 

Oculus Quest and its upgrade Quest 2 are by far two of the best virtual reality hardware, changing the way the industry is evolving and guaranteeing that it’s becoming more accessible. There are already lots of VR games that you can explore on both platforms, so should you consider free games?

This is a question that you might ask yourself because good things come with a price. But this is not the case if you’re looking for good games to enjoy with your Oculus or Oculus 2 headsets. 

Our list of games is free yet fun and entertaining, and there are different genres that appeal to every gaming enthusiast. Moreover, they make use of the headsets’ wireless nature, so you can enjoy VR games in a different context. 

These free games represent a good choice for those who want to stay on a budget after paying for the Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2. They will allow you to explore the beauty of virtual reality without straining your budget. 

10 Best Free Games on Oculus Quest and Quest 2

These virtual reality games are fun and free, so you can still enjoy the world of virtual reality even if you don’t want to splurge. Whether you’re a new virtual reality headset owner or have had your headset for quite some time, you’ll find an amusing game that you would never get tired of. 

1. Gorilla Tag

This is one of the most fun and entertaining games that you can try with your family and friends. Gorilla Tag is a free and no-risk, high-reward game that even kids can enjoy. 

The game’s concept is captivating, although it sounds like a simple tag game. As you play, you’ll have to run from the infected gorillas and tag new ones, and virtual reality adds to the fun element. As a matter of fact, many players report that the game makes them feel like real gorillas, where they’re running and jumping around. Moreover, it involves a lot of arm-play, which real gorillas do all the time. 

As a matter of fact, the randomness of the game and the physical stamina involved in playing it make it quite special. Because of its growing popularity, it might even be hard to find an empty room to play the game, thanks to its increasing hype. There are two modes to play the game, which gives players more options, but there isn’t a single-player mode which might be a little disappointing for some gamers.

2. Bait!

Fishing games have always been popular, and the introduction of virtual reality will make them even more fun. Bait! seems like a very basic game, but it’s fun and entertaining. Your goal is to help a struggling aquarium where you work, and there are four different lakes where you can find various types of fish. 

The best thing about Bait! is that it has an entertaining storyline where you actually talk to characters and do missions, in addition to catching fish. As a result, it’s a relaxing game and gives you a chance to unwind, unlike most other Oculus Quest games. 

Because Oculus Quest is wireless, casting your bait will be more fun and easier. However, despite being a free game, there are some in-app purchases that you might have to make if you really want to enjoy this game to the maximum.

3. PokerStars

Poker is one of the most popular card games that people find extremely entertaining, and PokerStars creates a virtual reality version that is very close to a live table with all its excitement and fun. Unlike other online poker games, the virtual reality experience makes this game entertaining for all card games lovers. 

When you play this game, you create an avatar and join a table with other seasoned players. Unlike other virtual reality games, this one is more adult-like as it involves less physical exercise as you don’t have to move around. However, you’ll flip your cards, put your chips, talk to other players, and enjoy a real-like version of an extremely mentally rewarding game. 

Although this game doesn’t really explore the potential of virtual reality like other games, it made it to our Oculus Quest 2 games list because it allows you to enjoy a casino-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home. So if card games appeal to you, this one will be unique and captivating. As a matter of fact, you can even have a break and enjoy the slots if you’re running out of luck. 

4. Puzzling Places

Puzzles are fun but doing virtual reality puzzles is a new experience that can keep you entertained for hours. Puzzling Places is a comfortable game that you can play while you’re standing or sitting because, unlike other VR games, you don’t have to run or chase. 

You have the option to choose between different 3D puzzles that range in complexity and size, and you can manipulate the pieces however you like to be able to complete the puzzle. At the same time, you can also rotate and turn a completed puzzle to view it from all angles. 

There are a variety of objects to play with, from landmarks, accessories, and historical objects. Some of the pieces can be too difficult, but they’re still fun and entertaining. 

5. MarathRUN

MarathRun captures the essence of what gamers would expect from a virtual reality game as it offers the kind of physical activity that would make your gaming sessions more fun. It’s the ultimate obstacle course experience that you can enjoy on Oculus Quest or Quest 2, with three different arenas to choose from. 

Each player has blue and red pickaxes, which they can use to remove some obstacles, but there are different kinds of traps and hurdles that you’ll have to think of a way to overcome. With different varieties of walls and other obstacles, your gaming ability will be tested. 

The virtual reality platform makes this game extremely fun and physically stimulating, as you have to keep on running ahead of other gamers to win. Finding a game to play can be a little difficult when you first try MarathRun on Quest or Quest 2, but if you have some fellow gamers who enjoy running and overcoming hurdles, your experience will be more fun. 

6. Pavlov: Shack

Virtual reality is a great technology to enjoy shooter games, and Pavlov: Shack is one of these entertaining games that you can play either in a single or multiplayer mode. This game combines the social element as you interact with other players with the unmatched thrill of shooter games in a fun setting that keeps you engaged till the very last minute. 

The idea of the game is to get rid of your opponents and not achieve your goal; you’ll have to hide and think of your next step. There’s also a gore option to give you more control over the way the game is played. 

One of the things that players love about this game is that the details are incredible. Since it’s a new game, there’s still room for improvement, so you might not be able to do everything you want just yet. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun and intense game that will never leave you bored. 

7. Elixir

Elixir is a new way to try your Oculus Quest as it utilizes hand-tracking to explore the world of virtual reality. It’s a great game for magic lovers because you can make potions and enjoy the real essence of magic. 

In this game, you’re an apprentice learning from a great witch, and your mission is to complete some difficult tasks, monitor the progress of your unstable potions, and even take care of your mentor’s dragons. 

If you’re looking for a game that you can enjoy with your kids, this will be a great choice. It doesn’t involve a lot of movement, but it’s still entertaining, and the hand-tracking guarantees that you won’t get bored.

8. Echo VR

Virtual reality is a great chance to explore zero-gravity games, and Echo VR will allow you to enjoy flying in an out-of-this-world universe created by your Oculus Quest. This is a game that involves a lot of stamina and fun, so it appeals to first-time VR gamers. 

Echo VR is a combination of a frisbee game with hockey and other fun games that you can enjoy while you’re jumping around, guaranteeing that you won’t get bored no matter how long you play it. At the same time, you’ll have a chance to interact with other players, so it’s a great game for vacations with friends. 

One thing that people noticed while playing Echo VR is that some players can get too excited. This is why you need to be careful and stay away from TVs, mirrors, and other fragile objects that you might break while playing around. 

9. The Under Presents

The Under Presents is a special game that allows you to explore virtual reality and enjoy a uniquely immersive experience. It’s a great single-player game that can keep you hooked for hours because you can explore puzzle rooms and enjoy VR in a fun environment. 

If you’ve never tried VR, this game will be a good choice for you because you can stroll around the main stage area where you can enjoy shows, which are performed by real actors. There’s also a ship to explore and caves for puzzle lovers. 

The level of interaction is amazing because it involves a combination of formal and informal boundaries where you can enjoy fun performances and explore a virtual reality universe in an interesting social experience. It’s a mix of single-player time loop experiences with multiplayer components. 

10. Cards and Tankards

If you’re looking for an easy yet fun card game, then Cards and Tankards will be a great game for you. It’s an original strategy card game with all the fun elements that you can expect in virtual reality. 

Players can engage in 1 versus 1 game or play against artificial intelligence in this addictive game. You can either play the game by building your own deck using 60 unique cards or hang out and talk to other players. 

As a sociable card game, this one definitely scores high because it’s fun and stress-free. Moreover, it will work for you if you want a game that doesn’t involve a lot of moving around. You can play this game in a standing or seated position, so it works for people of all physical abilities. 

Buying an Oculus Quest or Quest 2?

After spending your money on an Oculus Quest or Quest 2, it’s time to choose a game that can help you explore the potential of your entertaining headset. If you’re still confused about choosing a VR headset or want to create your own VR game, contact us at WeAR Studio. We’re experts when it comes to virtual reality technology and will tell you everything you need to know about it. So send us an email today, and we’ll be happy to help you out.