Minipeeps ARGram app

The story of automotive brand in one app

Eurocar Ltd

Project description

Our team has created a custom mobile AR application a retrospective journey into the history of Skoda. Also, we’ve made exclusive Instagram filters that were a part of their thematic marketing campaign.


As the general partner of Cirque de Soleil, Skoda came to us to boost brand awareness and attract the attention of their target audience during events and at the Skoda dealer centers afterwards. The first presentation of this application happened in February 2020 during the actual event.

Skoda was planning to showcase one of the fundamental values of the brand – Innovation. We came up with the idea of a retrospective look at the history of Skoda’s most notable designs. We start AR experience with the 3D model of 1895 Slavia – the first bicycle which was produced by two founders of Skoda. The bike is appearing from behind the crystal – the symbol of the brand. The bike is then followed by 90’s model Favorit and the first fully electric Skoda Vision IV after. These set’s are also accompanied by video explainers, bringing more context around Skoda’s evolution.

After watching the main AR experience in a new application, the user can place the real-size car in the world to take pictures. If the space around is limited, scaling option allows users to put mini-models on the table or the floor. Understanding the audience would be very broad the UX of both placement and scale were made super simple to eliminate user mistakes in navigating the 3D models.


Even after the event ended, the app is being used in dealer centers which proves that AR is not one-time-gimmick, but a working tool in sales. AR is a key instrument in achieving your business goals at the very moment, bypassing the stereotype that it has only entertaining nature.