WE/AR Blog MR Holograms Already Change the World: Become a Part of New Reality
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MR Holograms Already Change the World: Become a Part of New Reality

By Veronika Petrenko
2 min read

Holoportation is a new 3D real-time technology created by Microsoft. Online communication has passed several stages in last decades. With high-speed Internet, we can make video calls or watch online TV even on smartphones. But HoloLens will bring communication to the entirely new level. Holoportation has a huge potential. Imagine sitting together and chatting with friends, while everyone is at home wearing a HoloLens. You can also playback your conversation whenever you want. The recording could be resized for playback on a small table, for example. Today holoportation price is high enough as prices of many other new technologies. You need special cameras, software, powerful computer to create MR holograms and HoloLens, of course. But for now, it’s just an experiment. Microsoft will solve this problem by teaming up with other developers to present eventually a holoportation kit for Windows 10 PC. We’re pretty sure that many people already added it to their expectation list to get this revolutionary new tool first. For more information visit Microsoft website. If you want to know more about holoportation price, you should contact WeAr studio and we will be glad to help you not only with this question but with all questions regarding AR VR technologies that you have.