Minipeeps ARGram app

Bringing characters to life

Minipeeps Studios

Project description

We’ve developed an AR application for a design and technology startup from Lebanon. The team built the client’s first proof of concept application and further developed in into a full product. Complete AR development services including app architecture design, development, testing, integration, management, app submission, and oversight for the custom development of our AR communication application ARGRAM.

Project goal

Develop and submit a full-featured AR communication application to both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This application should have been linked to MiniPeeps’ backend communication and AR content management platform.

We’ve built a super fun and engaging AR app for MiniPeeps that allows AR-based Communication. The ARGram App allows Minipeeps merchandise owners to customize their messages easily. Their custom message is then delivered in the most fun and interactive manner through Greetoys or Memomugs. We integrated the application with a complete backend platform that supports and manages the entire AR Communication infrastructure.

This AR application for iOS and Android was built for the customers of Minipeeps providing them with an immersive journey into the world of augmented reality through 3D animated characters that express recorded greetings and messages personalized for them. You need to download the application and scan the QR code on the outside of the package for those adorable cardboard-based characters, they call Greetoys. Your creativity is the only limit. The app supports voice, music tracks, text, images and each character has its own personalized set of 3D objects and effects.

The receiver of the MiniPeeps Greetoy needs to click “receive the message”, scan the inside barcode, and make the character come alive reproducing the custom message. For example, the company could give you your own Minipeep and divide messages among chosen characters.


The world’s first AR Communication Application that modernizes greeting cards, corporate gifts, and event invitations. The developed solution allowed to launch products GREETOYS and MEMOMUGS in the Lebanese market successfully and created a great B2C sales revenue for the company. The product as well allowed us to enter the B2B market and are currently in talks with very large corporations in the region that want to use platform in order to communicate to their clients and potential clients through AR.