FairTrade AR storytelling

Storytelling via chocolate: FairTrade AR application


Project description

A B2B AR app that was created to tell stories about real people behind the brands of the FairTrade network— farmers, workers, producers. This app combines a mix of marker-based and markerless experiences.

Project goal

FairTrade International division challenged us to build a sales application that would solve two tasks. Firstly, help the representatives promote the opportunity of joining the FairTrade community by featuring personal stories of success via AR. Secondly, to tell these stories to people around the world in the next version of the app.

With the given task, we had to create one solution for two different audiences. To engage new merchants into the FairTrade network, we decided to show community life from the inside. 360 videos were the perfect solution for this task, as they would straight teleport you inside various facilities. Stories about farmers, producers, and workers who take part in the FairTrade initiative are available through the portal, which you open with the FairTrade app. Each of these little journeys is narrated with love and passion

The second experience is only available through the chocolate bars. In order to start AR activation, you need to scan one of the featured products in the second edition of the app.  Every product broadcasts the values that the producer is putting behind it.

Tech behind:
In this app we managed to integrate both Vuforia marker recognition SDK and ARKit, ARCore technologies.


Fairtrade AR App is an interactive storytelling app, and an onboarding tool for new partners. It shows the life of a community as a proof of efficiency of the network. Utilizing 360 videos, we dive deep into the lives of those who are building their little businesses with care and passion. Even more stories are planned to be added, as well as the public launch is on its way — but this is another story to tell.