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Doppler Labs Will Bring Audio AR into Music and Sports

We’ve already had a post about wireless earbuds with AR technology and explained how it works. And now there is some major news about “how to create augmented reality listening”. Doppler Labs teamed up with The New York Philharmonic, the New York Mets, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (De Young & Legion of Honor), MADE Fashion Week, Gimlet Media and the Coachella music festival to bring audio AR into sports, music and art events.

Doppler Labs’ new partnership means that company will bring a new unique content and acoustic experience for music, sports and art fans in nearest future. The campaign starts in 2017. What does Here One technology bring into all these events? Let’s take Cleveland Cavaliers game as a sample. Fans at the game could use wireless earbuds to reduce the noise of the crowd or to listen to some featured steam over the real-world sounds. Imagine a baseball game. You can hear both sports commentary and your friends speaking perfectly well. Or imagine going to the museum where you can choose the music to play during your tour and commentary to every piece of art.

More information you can find here.

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