Bud AR for Tomorrowland

Festival in a Bottle: Tomorrowland and Bud AR case

ZiR agency

Project Description

As one of the main sponsors of Tomorrowland, Budweiser is trying to draw attention to its activities. As a part of a global marketing campaign, they planned a classical ticket giveaway for Tomorrowland 2019 but wanted to make it special. ZiR agency reached out to us for help with Budweiser’s idea that would increase brand awareness. So we implemented an AR part for the most creative selfie contest!


Project goal

Get a viral campaign out with broad social media exposure. By collaborating with influencers and social media platforms Bud wanted to remind them that they’re on hand with advanced technologies.

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. With tens of scenes, incredible storytelling traditions, and a unique atmosphere of joy and happiness. It is also one of the most innovative cultural events when it comes to stage setup and promo campaigns. Usually, the tickets are sold within a few hours.

Being one of the main sponsors, Budweiser wanted to engage their end customers and speak to the People of Tomorrow before the festival — to set the right mood for the party goers.

So, together with Bud and their creative agency, we stopped at AR activation on bottles’ label. It included branded 3D animation in the main style and sound of 2019 Tomorrowland.


The main message was simple: “Activate the label, experience AR, snap an awesome video and share it on socials to win 2 tickets”. That was enough to skyrocket branded hashtag: numerous stories, videos, posts, flooded Instagram. 

Bottled AR sees rise in popularity and Budweiser is one of the first beverage brands to get the most out of it. Such brands as Bud use it to expand the reach of a notable visual style and other ones to tell a story.


Extensive social media exposure granted Budweiser was seen as the main trendsetter of the spring with not only sponsoring the beloved event but investing a lot into promoting the AR enhanced draw among its follower base and reaching a new audience by deeply engaging social media influencers on both Instagram and YouTube in promoting the occasion. Seen as an innovative and stylish brand Bud has reached millions of views on social media and kept the engagement long past the draw by covering the trip of the lucky winners and social media influencers to the festival itself. Letting their vast audience to at least get a glimpse of what Tomorrowland has to offer and how the general sponsor is involved