How We Attended the Kiev International Advertising Festival and the Advertising Lovers Night

How We Attended the Kiev International Advertising Festival and the Advertising Lovers Night

The events took place on May, 26th, 27th and 28th, in a building of the Kiev Planetarium and then in the shopping center Ocean Plaza.

Our team spent the night before 26th May, mounting the equipment and setting up content. We have established a large video wall measuring about 4×5,5 meters, collected from LED modules and audio equipment, so the virtual content is perceived not only by means of eye contact.

So the Kiev International Advertising Festival started and the first difficulty that we faced was a pretty poor lighting in the room. «Well, what do you want? It’s a planetarium!». With some efforts we have finally found an additional lighting and thus capture area of the camera was lit and we were able to exhale with some relief.

At 7 am the next day we were on location and set up our virtual content in relation to the size of the room. During next 3 hours we do the settings, angry shouting and running around with markers in front of the screen, finally everything get ready and some guest started to come. To say that there was a lot of interest — to say nothing)) Some guests with their mouths open in astonishment, asking «Woow, and what is it?» And others said «Oh, it’s an augmented reality, great!». Our festival crew consisted of 5 people, but it was assumed that only three of us will communicate with the guests. After half an hour of active communication and presentation the other two had to go out and speak with the guests, even our programmers, because the people crowd in front of our screen only increased.

So what did we show the guests? On the big screen, we have demonstrated augmented reality as an example for the large-scale advertising campaigns and PR-campaigns. When the guests walked past the screen, they saw themselves in the virtual environment. We have chosen the theme of Savannah, as the animals, it is a neutral segment that causes the majority of positive emotions. There was a giraffe, hippo and crocodile also bit environment- acacia tree and a couple of stones.

And on mobile devices, we have shown how the technology can work in conjunction with the outdoor advertising or packaging. There were no limits for the guest’s admiration!!!

We also showed the virtual reality capabilities for many industries, even a queue appeared with the people who wanted o try VR, frankly saying we were very surprised and pleased at the same time!

The festival format allowed us to relax a bit during the speeches of speakers, although we also visited some of them, there was a lot of interesting topics, intensive discussions and even disputes.

The first day was the super-rich for us, a lot of new acquaintances, business contacts and pre-orders.

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