15 Best Free Apps for iPhone

So you have an iPhone running iOS 11 and a pair of goggles (Google cardboard for $15 will do the work but Gear VR will be the best choice). What does it mean? It means that you can have tons of fun if you combine these two. Having fun is just one of the options. You can do much more with the best free iPhone apps for VR.

Here is the list of the best VR apps to explore the world, play games, study, meditate, levitate, surf, combat your phobias, explore beautiful lands.

Anything is possible if you have this magic kit: one of the latest versions of iPhone, VR goggles ( read how to choose the best VR goggles for your purpose) and the access to iTunes.

We’ve tested a hundred different apps and came to the conclusion that these 15 best VR apps iPhone (free) are the best for your physical and mental health:

Within VR is regarded as one of the best VR apps for iPhone that exist today. The director of this VR film studio said that VR is an ultimate empathy machine today, and we can’t disagree after using it. Within VR gives iPhone users an excellent chance to explore the unknown lands and see the colors they haven’t seen before. Are you intrigued?

VR  is created for meditation. That’s my humble opinion. And VR meditation is created to help everyone cope with anxiety. Relax  VR can transfer you to a dreamy beach in Portugal or to the wild ocean shore in Australia. Any place to make you happy and to relieve your stress. You will hear the sound of crashing waves, and they say it’s one of the most relaxing sounds in the Universe.

Orbulus is one of the top free VR apps for iPhone. If you want me to explain to you this app in simple terms I would say that it’s a comfortable way to travel between cities, countries, and even planets.  One moment you’re here and another moment – you are on Mars. All the destinations look incredible because the trip is also enhanced with relevant sounds and beautiful music. Another cool moment is that you can travel between spaces just focusing on spheres.

InCell VR is the possibility to study the world of cells and viruses from inside. This app uses gamification as the main tool to attract users: you do not only study the microworld but explore it by racing and playing strategic games.  You know, it turns out, even the microworld can be exciting if you find the right way to show it! Think how cool it would be to show this VR app to kids.

Spirit Runner is neon game that can transport you from your boring reality to the world of steampunk.  You are transformed into a tireless runner and have the possibility to jump between rooftops, run with the incredible speed, and collect power-ups.  This game is available in VR as well as in the simple mode, but VR app for iPhone is much more engaging. Believe me.

Jaunt is a great VR app for iPhone that has a persuasive choice of short entertaining videos as well as video clips. You can look Jack White or Paul McCartney in the eyes if you have an iPhone, an HMD, and you have managed to download Jaunt virtual reality app.

Youtube and VR are inseparable today: the video hosting service can boast with thousands of videos. Youtube offers you to watch, listen, and stream in VR for the more saturated experience.  The thing is with the help of VR it is possible to destroy the wall between the viewer and the content. Try watching music videos for a start: you won’t believe how immersive it is. And then dive into the world of YouTube videos in VR.
End Space VR is a cool arcade space shooter. You miss shooters sometimes, admit it! The question that may bother you when you’ll read about this app for iPhone is “How can one shoot in VR app for iPhone?” Well, there are several options: the first option is gazed-based controls,and the second is paired accessory. The benefit of this easy and comprehensible game is the possibility to upgrade your weapon. An excellent way to unwind after a long day!

Social networks will operate in the nearest VR in future. Why? Because Facebook thinks so and Facebook is the trendsetter in the world of social media. Facebook is trying to make Facebook Spaces a part of a mundane life for common users: slowly and gradually. But there is also a VR app for it called Vtime which is much more effective. Your friends live in Puerto Rico? Well, you can meet them in a totally virtual space of your own choice. Friends, let’s meet in the desert and talk about our future project? With this VR app for iPhone called VTime, it’s possible to schedule a meeting anytime and anywhere!

GoPro VR is something like Discovery VR for those who love extreme.  This app offers you mind-blowing content captured with the help of GoPro camera. Surfing, snowboarding, skiing, bungee jumping: everything to take your breath away for several hours. Besides, awe is the emotion people associate with VR most often and it’s good because the content that creates awe goes viral.  

Google Arts and Culture
This VR app is your perfect chance to see the most attractive and the most luxurious museums, heritage spaces, and historical places of the world.  Just imagine that even with the cheapest Google Cardboard you can travel to the most inspiring places of this world! Google Arts and Culture installed on iPhone is your ticket to the world of art. And it’s less expensive than your ticket to Louvre

VR Noir is one of the best free iPhone apps for VR for those who love detective stories. And for those who always dreamt about playing the principal role in one of them instead of being an indifferent observer. You become Veronica Coltrane who got into a hot water taking the job for money, and this idea had negative aftermath for her. Now the main heroine (you)  has to solve the riddles on her way. VR enthusiasts claim that it’s an excellent combination of gameplay and a thrilling story.

If you always wanted to fly to the Moon but didn’t have enough time (that’s your official excuse, for sure), there is a good news for you. With one of the best free VR applications for iPhone called Virtual Reality Moon you can do it here and now.  You can finally make this small step for a man and a huge step for the whole humanity in VR. You will be able to see our beautiful planet as well as the International Space Station to tell your friends about it.

VR apps for iPhone are interactive, engaging, and they do no harm. They can transport a user to other planets or inside the human body in several clicks only!

With free VR apps for iPhone you can literally experience the world around you: dreamy beaches, exotic forests, best world museums, and orbitary stations. VR becomes an ultimate empathy machine, you know, it blurs the line between you and virtual content. And though the things you see on your iPhone are not real, emotions they evoke are 100% genuine. That’s the trick of VR.

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