Elevator Technicians Can Use MR HoloLens to Work More Effectively

Elevator Technicians Can Use MR HoloLens to Work More Effectively

We’ve already heard so much about mixed reality apps for fun and entertainment, it helped to draw attention to new technologies and made developers go further. Mixed reality became useful for work. NASA, for example, uses AR to train astronauts in a virtual version of International Space Station.

Here is one more sample of mixed reality usage, but now it deals with common life, not space technologies. Now MR HoloLens is being used to help technicians with elevator repairs. Elevators are an integral part of our life; we don’t realize their importance until they’re working properly. Developers in ThyssenKrupp AG, elevators supplier, know how important is for elevators to work properly and for technicians to do their work as fast as possible. So company announced on their blog about a partnership with HoloLens to equip 24,000 technicians. With this tool, technicians can save time. Instead of spending two hours to find the cause of a malfunction, they can use HoloLens and be already ready for work before reaching it. HoloLens also allows to contact support by Skype, make additional research and remain hands-free while receiving support. The One World Trade Center is first to take advantage of this technology and another one called MAX (predictive maintenance system).

Check out this video with more details.

If you want to know more or even use mixed reality apps for your business, you should contact us, as we know everything about it.

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