Welcome World’s First AR Technology CNC Machine Shaper Origin

Welcome World's First AR Technology CNC Machine Shaper Origin

CNC (computer numerical control) router is a complicated and expensive tool for furniture and prototyping. It is used to cut precise shapes. But it’s a big heavy instrument and word «portable» hardly describes it as wåll as «affordable». Shaper, a robotics company based in San-Francisco, decided to change it with their new invention, the camera-assisted AR computer numerical control router called the Shaper Origin.
The Shaper Origin is free from limitations of the usual CNC system, it uses Wi-Fi connectivity between a tool and your tablet or computer to upload files directly to a router. It uses special shaping graphic tape to apply on a surface and is guided by the built-in camera. Due to using AR technology in this instrument, the engineer will see the lines on the screen that will show how to cut the material correctly. This helps to do precise hand-controlled cutting moves and turns a big industrial machine into navigable tool easy to use.
Origin cuts carbon, fiber, plastic, vinyl, wood and other soft materials and is a high-tech tool with a touch-screen to display an AR view to follow it cuts through material within 1/100th of an inch of an intended path.
Cutting with the Shaper Origin is as easy as autonomous driving: you just put your hands on the steering wheel and let the computer and control the entire job and prevent mistakes. A system has many useful functions such as auto-correction and depth detection. The Shaper Origin is easy to use, precise and much more affordable than industrial one CNC machine.
Origin is now available for pre-sale for $1,500, but retail tag would be $2,099.
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