Snapchat – the Expert of Augmented Reality in Social Media

Snapchat made a big announcement. Just after Apple, the social media platform joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), and now they are working on the expansion of their audience with the help of additional devices. Joining SIG is the necessity when the company wants to use bluetooth technology on any hardware device. The information about Snapchat augmented reality appeared in Financial Times, so everything is very serious, guys!

This is not the first example of using augmented reality in social media. Everybody could try Snapchat augmented reality experiments while dealing with all their funny selfies in real time. So it will be very interesting how the company decides to use AR technology and of course how to use Snapchat augmented reality with all these filters that can modify user’s experience

Company gave no timeframe for a new hardware to appear, but they already hired Vergence Labs, developers of the headset similar to Google Glass. Evan Spiegel, company’s CEO, was spotted wearing some wearing camera-equipped sunglasses more than year ago. So we can hope that soon we will receive an answer to the question how to use Snapchat augmented reality.

Maybe it was the first test of a new equipment? In any case, augmented reality in social media is a real trend, and if you want to connect to customers today, you should use both these tools – AR and social media. Ask us how to do it, we are the experts in augmented reality consulting.

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