Facebook Augmented Reality — a New App for Live Video

Facebook Augmented Reality - a New App for Live Video

Facebook is working on a Prisma-like app to make your live video look like Van Gogh’s painting. They gave an early look on this artificial intelligence application on the stage of WSJD Live conference.

Chris Cox sees future of social media in video messaging. Today Facebook, like many other social platforms, uses video calls. The company predicts that 70% of internet traffic will be video in next five years. The new app is just another step in the nearest future. As we already told, new app recreates the style of famous artists in real time. It is like Snapchat with Prisma filters. You get result live, not after making the video or taking a shoot. Facebook augmented reality offers to use filters for in-the-moment experiences. Chris Cox considers it a hard challenge for his team because this app should process 24 frames per second. It uses a new type of artificial intelligence technology called convolutional neural nets. This is only a prototype right now; an app is not integrated to any of Facebook’s services. But it’s an area of work Facebook is really invested in. So get ready for exciting augmented reality social media inventions made by Facebook.

If you want to know more about it, you should visit The Verge.

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