Transformation of Your Experience — Augmented Reality for Gaming

Transformation of Your Experience - Augmented Reality for Gaming

New «Yu-Gi-Oh» game developers showed fans some exciting video, and now let’s talk about what we saw. «Yu-Gi-Oh» collectible cards are already a piece of an art, but the developer promises us that they will hover and transform into fantastic beasts to conquer the opponent’s champion. Isn’t it exactly what you see in anime series?

General Heed, the fan developer of the game, promises gamers really unbelievable experience. A software developer is now in the very first stage of bringing the game to life using Microsoft’s augmented reality gaming headset. The HoloLens will create a holographic playing area where all action starts. Thanks to augmented reality gaming headset when you summon your beast, you can walk around and have a view from various points. Currently, we see all those monsters static, but only a promise that lately they can be controlled by gamers sounds fantastic. General Heed presented only a few of thousands of cards, the most iconic are Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon, but it is only a start.

The only bad news about augmented reality «Yu-Gi-Oh» is that project on its early stage seems to be unofficial, and there’s a possibility that Yu-Gi-Oh rights owners could shut down General Heed ‘s project. But the augmented reality for gaming has already proved its popularity among fans.

Do you want to create the most incredible gaming experience? You should definitely use AR technology, ask us how.

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