Augmented Reality in Education Inspires Children to Think Creatively

Augmented Reality in Education Inspires Children to Think Creatively

Blippar and Kano united with a common goal to launch the «Festival of Imagination» in London. This festival is a chance for primary school children to explore their creativity and imagination in such fields as arts, science, and new technologies. Blippar and Kano inspired children to learn, enjoy the creative process and freedom it gives.

For the Math and Science area, Blippar created an app to explain physics, geography, geology and more with fun to engage children in traditional school subjects. Imagination and Play area looked like a surreal forest where different creatures came to life when children used Blippar augmented reality app. Everything in this forest was interactive, so children were encouraged to use their imagination to complete quests. The Free Flow Space was all about creativeness in its spontaneous way. Everything children draw in their coloring books came to life with Blippar augmented reality. The 5-day festival showed that augmented reality could be used during classes and brings new educational experience. Blippar for Education is constantly looking for new ideas on media education. If you have one, feel free to mail these guys.

Check more details on Blippar website.

Looking for the best ideas on how to use augmented reality in education? You are already on the right way, check our last projects — you will be really impressed!

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