Augmented Reality in Education — INDE Created Winter Fairy Tale

Augmented Reality in Education - INDE Created Winter Fairy Tale

To the 50th anniversary of R?dovre Centrum INDE developed some fascinating 3D augmented reality installation. Thousands of shoppers could see wonders of nature on a large screen in Copenhagen. Interactive installation entertained visitors till the 6th of November.

This 3D augmented reality big-screen technology gave people a chance for a closer look on arctic nature and animals in quite an unusual way. A step closer to the screen and people found themselves surrounded super realistic arctic environment and had a chance to see polar bears and other animals closer. It is not the first time INDE shows life-sized digital animals in museums, zoos and shopping centers worldwide. Besides entertainment and a chance to see rare and extinct animals, INDE’s initiatives bring an important message. It shows people why all those animals are gone and teach us that environment is very fragile. INDE has offices all over the world in UK, USA, Australia and even in China. A company built AR systems for National Geographic, Beijing Aquarium, Universal Studios, BBC, 20th Century Fox and Coca-Cola.

You can find more detailed information on INDE website.

If you want to implement augmented reality in education, you should contact us and find out more about ar in educational projects.

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