Detroit Institute of Arts Presents an Augmented Reality Tour

Detroit Institute of Arts Presents an Augmented Reality Tour

«Lumin» is an AR project to introduce ancient art in original colors. New DIA mobile tour will help visitors to take a new look on the Gates of Babylon and Egyptian mummies.

«Lumin» was created in association with Google and GuidiGo. Detroit Institute of Arts is the first museum in the world that offers augmented reality tour. The museum spent $200,000 on the development of the «Lumin» project. Developer’s team is certain that their project will encourage guests to engage with non-digital activities such as labels and brochures.  Justin Quimby, Google product manager, also thinks that this AR project will motivate visitors to put their mobile devices aside and look closer at museums exhibits. Salvador Salort-Pons, the DIA’s director, admits that their new augmented reality tour will help people to come closer with art and understand how objects were used in everyday lives of ancient people. Without «Lumin» you’ll see just an empty gray piece of pottery. But when a visitor uses «Lumin», it shows how pottery looked like centuries ago and what it was used for.

For more information check all details on this website.

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