AR Art Changes Our Perception of Sculpture

Boston Cyberarts gathered five artists – John Craig Freeman, Kristin Lucas, Will Pappenheimer, Mark Skwarek, and Tamiko Thiel – for this project in order to create 10 augmented reality sculpture for an outdoor exhibition at the National Park in Salem. It opens on Saturday, May 27, and will be available for viewers till November 30, 2017. Entrance is free.

All five artists are practitioners of augmented reality art with a world-renowned reputation. For a park with almost half million visitors every year, it will be a very exciting experience. George Fifield, Boston Cyberarts director, is very interested in the expansion of collaboration with the National Park Service. Augmented reality sculpture is a new direction for public art in New England. The National Park Service printed maps for visitors with the plan of the exhibition. It includes information about artists, the image of a sculpture, its title and an instruction on how to download and use an augmented reality app. All information will also be available online, at the Boston Cyberarts and NPS websites. National Endowment for the Arts and the Salem Cultural Council donated $10,000 for the Augmented Landscape project.

Read more information about it here.

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