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Incorporated in 2016 and based in Kyiv, WeAR Studio develops Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality solutions for iOS, Android-based smart eyewear devices, and VR headsets. 

The company aims to implement AR, MR, and VR technologies into the everyday life of billions of users. That is why their team develops apps that transform people’s mind flow and turn upside down the way they do PR, marketing, sales, education, training, advertising, events, entertainment, and many more. 

‘We’ve studied and developed solutions for every XR platform available, bringing technologies to different industries in sales apps, marketing activations, operational assistance tools, and employee education tools,’ says Daria Fedko, the CEO of WeAR Studio

WeAR Studio supports startups and SMEs to expedite the adoption of modern technologies and untangle complicated issues. Whether it is a customer-oriented application or transformative IT solution, it leads the ideation and notion to performance and provides continuous support through all emerging technologies like AR/VR, mobile, and others.

The digital industry has demonstrated to be the most disruptive force across the economy. Apart from the complete transformation of our perception of education and formalized training, the industry has made considerable strides in keeping up with a perpetual onslaught of new applications, technologies, and tactics to reach the target audience.

WeAR has been one of the foremost companies in the publishing and digital content solutions space, and since its inception, it is setting benchmarks through services and technology reforms. The GoodFirms team approached Daria Fedko, who unveils the insights of the company and its work ethics. 

Starting with the interview, Daria mentions thatWeAR Studio ranks among the top 10 AR/VR developers for businesses worldwide and has a wide range of XR services: from ideation and consulting to rapid prototyping and full-cycle development.

Talking about the idea behind the company’s establishment, Daria mentions that before WeAR Studio, she worked in several companies. While working in game development, she found out about AR/VR, and immediately fell in love with these technologies, realizing that this is what she relished. It’s her passion and the field she wants to connect her life with, serving the people with robust and out-of-the-box solutions.

When asked about the business model, Daria explains that the company has an in-house production team consisting of Unity and backend developers, project managers, a design team, a sales and marketing department, a QA engineer, an account manager, and a 3D generalist. Besides, there is a content manager, HR, and accountant departments.

Daria explains that the custom mobile app is a platform for unique AR content and a new communication channel. The app is best suited for long-running plans and campaigns that can further expand.

Building innovative technology solutions is difficult due to several factors and requires expertise. The company has victoriously achieved this by adopting a customer-centric approach rather than a traditional product-centric strategy. 

WeAR Studio produces tailor-made, cost-competitive, scalable solutions after comprehensively dissecting individual product & industry demands. The company offers AR/VR app development as a service for various enterprises.

Bringing down the risks of project collapses and creating robust software solutions that meet current and future demands endows WeAR Studios to burgeon as one of the top AR/VR companies at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below proves the quality of services provided by WeAR Studio.

Further, adding more to the services, Daria explains that WeAR Studio develops and delivers applications for different platforms and operations 

Building creative solutions making customers’ lives easy endows WeAR to grab a secure position at GoodFirms amongst the leading AR/VR companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

In conclusion, Daria explains that she believes that staying silent and ignoring the problem is far more dangerous than any problem itself. Therefore, WeAR studio always gives precise feedback to their clients as the team understands that to stay calm, clients need to know what’s happening with their project during any stage of development.

WeAR Studio’s team also constantly collects feedback from the clients by conducting surveys to understand the growth zones, support the projects even when they are finished, and give recommendations on improving the existing app to bring maximum benefit to the business.

‘Our intact business model is based on solving our client’s requests and problems with the help of AR/VR technologies. We understand that today technologies are emerging very quickly, and thus standards and guidelines are evolving too. 

Besides, many standards do not exist yet. Therefore, we are very adaptable in terms of cooperation – we provide one month of technical support after the project is released and always stay in touch with our clients even a year later. Besides, we have well-settled account and project testing processes at all stages of development,’ says Daria. 

Reading the excerpt mentioned above from Daria’s interview, you can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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