US Navy will get AR Diving Helmets

US Navy will get AR Diving Helmets

New diving helmet for US Navy will keep naval divers safer with the help of augmented-reality technology.

Official statement about futuristic system for navy appeared this month; helmet is named DAVD (Divers Augmented Vision Display). AR tech is embedded directly inside a diving helmet HUD (heads-up display). It will allow drivers to see important data and setups directly on the display in front of their sight.

Decision to build HUD inside of the helmet is more practical than attaching it outside. Dennis Gallagher, project engineer, compared it to Ironman suit. He said in his statement that DAVD has everything in diver’s visually need within the device.

Helmet would give diver more information about surrounding, its work reminds somehow of Google Glass technology. Technology isn’t that new, it existed for years in different forms. For instance, military aircraft used something like DAVD in the ’90s.

U.S. Navy divers will get real-time information in diagrams and text messages, using AR helmet. It will help divers to work more effectively and improve their safety on missions.

Technology can be used for different purposes. For military missions and salvage operations underwater or it could be used by diving community.

Next step in tech’s development is to fit it for full-face masks as well as for helmets. This October DAVD will be tested in-water.

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